Moms on the Move: Which Living Arrangement is Best?

Moms on the Move: Which Living Arrangement is Best?
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There are so many different options for finding a place to call home that it can be tough to know what is best.

Lots of things are different for single moms. Living arrangements are one of the things that you’re handling differently from your friends in two-parent households. There are so many different options for finding a place to call home that it can be tough to know what is best.

As a rule, you have the choice of renting or buying, with some variations within those categories. These are some of the options you may find, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Furnished Living

Many decent-sized cities will have a good market for furnished apartments, and this might be a good option for you. As a result, the benefits of furnished apartments include easier moving, less expense, and flexibility. Without a second adult in the household, moving furniture is tough. Finding a place with furniture provided is a great way to avoid that problem.

You also won’t have to go out and buy or finance furniture, and you’ll have the flexibility of moving to another place without wondering if your furniture will fit. Disadvantages include the possibility that the furniture is in poor condition, and of course the fact that you will pay more for rent.

Renting Unfurnished

The most common solution for people starting over or moving out on their own is to rent a home. Whether it’s a townhouse, apartment, house, or other types of property, renting has the advantages of shorter commitments, minimal upkeep, and greater affordability.

You may be able to rent a home a month at a time, freeing you up to relocate quickly if a better option comes up. Upkeep like repairs and possibly lawn care are typically up to the property owner.

You’ll also be able to move in with less cash upfront than if you were having to make a down payment on a home. The disadvantage is that whatever you pay in rent is gone; if you’re making a payment on a home, you build a little equity each month. That’s why most people try their best to purchase a home as soon as possible.

Moms on the Move: Which Living Arrangement is Best?

Buying a Home

For most people, owning a home is the ultimate goal. The major benefits of owning a home are that you have total control of it and you can build it as an investment. When the house belongs to you, you have the freedom to paint, decorate, add on, and renovate whenever you want to instead of waiting on a landlord to make those decisions.

A home that you own is also an investment. You build equity in it with every payment you make, and you can recover that equity when you sell. Improvements you make will also add value to the home without a corresponding expenditure.

Disadvantages include the need to make a large down payment, which can be tough for a single mom, and the need to earn enough money to make monthly mortgage payments. You are also at risk of seeing the home lose value if neighbors let their own property deteriorate.

The most fundamental need for all of us is food and shelter. Once you’ve got the grocery bill covered, the next job for a single mom is to find a good place to live.

A home that’s safe, comfortable, and affordable for your family can come in a variety of ways. These options cover the usual range of choices for a home. Think about what will work best for you and your kids.

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