7 Practical Steps to Choose a Destination Wedding Venue

7 Practical Steps to Choose a Destination Wedding Venue
Written by Carol Combs

Whether you choose Hawaii in America or Italy in Europe as a venue for your destination wedding, you will surely want to decorate.

A destination wedding is the arrangement of a marriage ceremony at a high-end resort in another country. At this place, the couple with their family members and guests stays for around a week and all the rituals and activities of marriage take place.

Couples going to get married, like you, opt for a destination wedding to make their marriage ceremony unique and unforgettable. When it comes to choosing a venue for your destination wedding, you have numerous options, such as Jamaica, Mexico, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic, Hawaii, and almost anywhere across the world. You are unable to decide which one you should finalize. Here are some steps for your assistance:

1. Decide how much you want to spend

Finalizing a budget for any wedding is a vital step, but with a destination wedding, it becomes more essential for you. Keep in mind a wedding cost varies from one place to another, the number of guests, type of venues, and other factors. Suppose that you decide a venue to get married during peak tourism season.

You will have to spend more money. In simple words, you have to keep everything, from venue selection to guest list and travel, in mind while planning a budget for your wedding destination.

2. Narrow down your list of guests

As you decide to have a destination wedding, you would have a rough idea of whom you want to invite and whom you don’t want to invite. However, making the list of your guests clear is crucial for you before you select a venue for your destination wedding.

Inviting more than 200 people and asking them to travel to a remote Italian village to attend your marriage ceremony is not feasible, especially if some of your guests are too old. On the other hand, if the list of your guests has 20-30 people, you will have more flexibility in travel and other activities for any destination across the world.

One more thing, you need to be sure that the people of your wedding guest list have a passport or are willing to apply for the same. This assurance will narrow down your guest list.

3. Value your personality and vision

For selecting a venue for your destination wedding, you should make a list of possible ideas and write down everything that comes to your mind. Get in touch with your partner going to get married to you and request him/her to do the same. Have a close look of both of the list of ideas and finalize the combined one after discussion.

4. Do not ignore your style and passion

In today’s world, you come across several styles and themes for your destination wedding. Both of you might have gone through several magazines and observed some of them mentioned there.

The styles and themes differ from one venue to another of a destination wedding. Here, you have to give priority to what style and theme you want to have for your marriage ceremony.

5. Consider about decorative items

Whether you choose Hawaii in America or Italy in Europe as a venue for your destination wedding, you will surely want to decorate. You need to know what decoration items, like a welcome wedding sign you can use and what you can’t use at your wedding venue.

6. Think about distance and travel time

Many of you forget about the travel time and distance while choosing a wedding venue for your destination wedding. You need to keep in mind whom you have invited and how they will come to attend your wedding.

Consider if one has to take multiple modes of transport to be present at your marriage ceremony. Try to choose the venue, which is easily accessible to most of your guests.

7. Decide the backdrop

For choosing the right venue for your destination wedding, you need to decide what you want at that location – mountains or beachfront, snowy or tropical, and city or countryside. Further, you have to think about the scenery, climate, and weather of the venue before finalizing it.

Suppose you want to get married in a snowy area. For this, you have to decide the date and location where snowfall takes place. If you love to get married at a beach, you can consider Hawaii, Goa, or Phuket.


 Selecting a venue for your destination wedding is not a work like preparing a cup of tea/coffee. Whether you choose a venue in Europe, America, Asia, or Australia, you need to think about all the associated aspects, apart from giving priority to desires and passions.

From planning a budget to finalizing the venue, you need to carry out each work carefully. It would be better to contact a wedding planner or discuss with your family members if both of you find it hard to reach a decision.  

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