Recognizing the Signs of Clinical Depression

Recognizing the Signs of Clinical Depression
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People with clinical depression feel constantly trapped and believe they will never work past it.

Clinical depression can greatly impact a person’s life while also causing them to face negative emotions. However, determining depression in yourself may come with some struggles, so we have some signs for you to look out for. Make sure to read through them and see if any of them match your current feelings or emotions.

Decrease in Self-Esteem

When people feel depressed, they begin to see themselves in a negative light. This includes noticing more flaws in their character, feeling like nobody wants them around, or believing nothing they do is ever good enough. These negative thoughts tend to pierce the minds of people with depression, causing them to look down upon themselves.

Consistent negative thoughts can cause you to lose self-esteem since you only notice the bad points of yourself. If you can’t seem to move past a negative mindset, then this could be a sign of clinical depression. What does depression feel like? That will often vary from one person to another, so keep this in mind as you consider your decrease in self-esteem.

Lack of Motivation

On top of lowered self-esteem, you may struggle to find the motivation to do anything. People with depression will sometimes describe it as struggling to leave their bed and wanting to stay there the entire day. This shows that the person with depression finds it hard to motivate himself or herself to do things necessary in life.

Loss of motivation usually occurs when activities feel pointless or painful to do. This especially makes it hard to go to work, work around the house, or even to do something as simple as watching T.V. If you notice that you struggle to motivate yourself, then you may have clinical depression, especially if it happens all of the time.

Consistent Negativity

Depression also causes people to consistently view the world and those around them in a negative light. This includes pessimism, assuming the worst-case scenario among other negative viewpoints. These viewpoints can then cause you to struggle with other parts of your life since you feel like things will never get better.

Remember that negativity will happen sometimes in life: something bad may happen and cause you to have negative opinions for a while. However, clinical depression causes you to have these negative viewpoints constantly to the point where you don’t expect anything good to happen in your life.

Feeling Trapped

Many people that have depression feel like they’re trapped in a situation and that they can’t escape. This can include literal situations in life, emotionally trapped so that they struggle to feel happy or socially trapped from others. This means that the person feels like they are stuck in a situation without a way to escape it.

Remember that people can feel trapped at certain moments in their life, but they will eventually get passed those points. People with clinical depression feel constantly trapped and believe they will never work past it. If you personally feel trapped in some way, and you have for a while, then you should speak with a doctor.


Depression is a serious mental condition that can negatively affect your life and prevent you from functioning. If you think that you might have clinical depression, then contact a doctor and seek assistance. This way, you can get the help that you need and overcome the depression that you face.

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