Are Online Psychics The New Wellness Coaches?

Are Online Psychics The New Wellness Coaches?
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As you continue to seek answers in your life, online psychics can offer new insights, interpretations, and answers.

A growing community of “intuitive” is beginning to focus on teaching self-care and wellness rather than the classic “party tricks” of speaking to dead spirits and predicting the future. These psychics mediums, which prefer to be referred to as intuitive, focus on empowering individuals through self-realization that their intuition is powerful and the key to self-care.

These psychics go beyond the traditional self-help notion with powerful insights into the supernatural world to help individuals realize their path in life. 

With lockdowns and social distancing measures firmly in place, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to seek out the help of those who are sensitive to other dimensions or planes of existence.

We’ve all been there, sitting up late or night or mentally wandering off during the day and left trying to work out just where we belong. Sometimes those moments can be rather specific in terms of what to do about a particular situation. 

In other cases, you may feel like a lost and wandering soul, looking for the answer. Either way, there is a world of people who dedicate their lives to hone in their ability to connect with other dimensions and pull out strings of information that most cannot. These people are often called psychics, and they’ve been busy “re-branding” themselves. 

Psychics Are Changing

For most of modern history, the category of psychic was one blurred group of people who claimed to be sensitive to supernatural phenomena. However, online mediums are beginning to teach us that this field is anything but one general category. More specifically, many intuitives have recently started getting quite vocal about what they have to offer. 

In many cases, psychics want the public to know that they don’t all necessarily talk to spirits or even predict the future. Instead, a movement has begun where psychics act more in the place of wellness coaches online.

Their practice, however, goes beyond just offering practical career or life advice. Instead, psychics aim to use their intuitions to learn about and offer advice inspired by the cosmos. Perhaps best of all, psychics can perform these tasks over the internet. 

Reputable Networks 

The first thing to note is that there are reputable online psychic networks. These loose groups of people vet and recommend others for their psychic abilities. So, it’s easier than ever to find someone who naturally and authentically has a special gift.

You can be sure in your choice of an online psychic because they are vetted by a community of others who can also read into the more supernatural aspects of our reality. This creates a community that fosters trust in those who claim to have abilities. 

Some of these netoworks go a step beyond simple community vetting and instead actively screen their participants who claim to have abilities. Now, we aren’t entirely sure how those people are screened.

However, screening generally occurs from third party psychics who can confirm or deny an individual’s claim to be a psychic. 

Well known in the community. 

Online psychics are usually highly recommended and well known. The power of the internet is in community dialogue and fact-finding. Almost every reputable and respectable psychic network offers community feedback and reveiws on the psychic in question.

Keep in mind these reviews come from people all around the nation and potentially the world. Reading reviews will give you a clearer picture of what to expect and whether a psychic is a good fit for you. 

Not all psychics are the same.

For example, some psychics focus more so on helping individuals listen to their intution. While others focus on finding aspects of one’s life that could improve, others may still focus on interpreting life events or even finding things to look out for in the future.

Even with all of this in mind, some psychics do entirely different things or a combination thereof. So, reviews are important to give you an idea of what the psychic focuses on. 

More upfront.

Online psychics are also upfront and open about what they are feeling or thinking. Since online psychics are so well-vetted and rely on community feedback, they tend to be more authentic in their approaches. In the old days, you may have come across a psychic who withheld information for additional payment. However, the internet has changed the landscape of how psychics operate. Now, you can expect all information that the psychic feels and thinks about you, a situation, a person, or an intuition. 

Ethics matter.

Online psychics also tend to be more ethical. This is the case for two reasons. First, it will be clear through community feedback if a psychic is unethical. Second, the online psychic community more so focuses on self-care, wellness, and improvement and therefore seeks to offer positive advice, feedback, and dialogue. 

What does unethical look like?

An example of unethical practice would be a psychic focusing on a problem in your life then offering to help solve that problem for a fee. This is generally considered to be unethical and, in some cases, out-right lying.

Instead, online psychics focus more on positive feedback and how that feedback can help you solve your own problems. 

More honesty about their limits.

Another aspect of the online psychic community is increased honesty. You will find that online psychics are more honest in terms of their limits when doing readings. If a psychic doesn’t have a clear image or answer, they tend to be more honest about it online. That’s again because the community can vet those who lie about their intuition. 


As you continue to seek answers in your life, online psychics can offer new insights, interpretations, and answers. Online psychics, in particular, are generally well-vetted within reputable networks and come with community feedback.

Online psychics also tend to be more honest, focus on positive feedback to help you solve your problems, and are more upfront about what they can and cannot do.

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