DIY: Brilliant Ways To Use Old Mismatched Socks

Written by Carol Combs

As you can probably imagine, socks can even help with this problem. With a little creativity, you can create a nice sachet out of a sock.

Losing socks is something most people do on a regular basis. In fact, it is believed that the average person will lose over a dozen socks in a given year.

Most of the time, you only end up losing one of any given pairs of socks. This leaves you with a pile of mismatched and old socks.

Even something like replacing your sock drawer with new ones from Elite Sport Socks can give you a pile of old and unused socks. While many will simply think to throw them out, there is a way to give these socks a new lease on life.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some brilliant ways to use old and mismatched socks to create something brand new.

Help You Deal With Stress

Whether you are a busy mom working to put food on the table, or a homemaker with a laundry list of things to take care of, life can get stressful. In fact, stress is an incredibly common thing to deal with in the USA and around the world. A majority of people have dealt with it at some level.

A great tool that many people use to calm down when they are stressed or worried is to use a stress ball. While they can be purchased, why not make one with one of those old socks you have laying around?

Simply put clay or play dough into a plastic bag, put the bag into the sock and voila! You now have a functioning stress ball to help you relax when you are feeling stressed out.

Make a Toy or Craft


If you have children or a niece/nephew, consider making a toy or craft out of one or some of the old socks. This could be a sock puppet, a ball to play catch with, a fun art piece or dozens of other potential things. Most of these will be quite simple to make and shouldn’t take more than an afternoon at most.

Simply go down to the craft store and pick up a few things like glue, buttons, googly eyes or anything else you need for the craft or toy. It will be a very affordable and fun way to use up those old socks and create something new with them.

Not only will the child get a fun new toy or craft to display, but this creation process also allows for some great bonding time between you and your son, daughter, niece or nephew.

Create Some Cleaning Rags

Another great use for the old socks around your home can be as cleaning rags. Our houses get filthy, and many people will use disposable paper towels to clean up the various spills and messes. While these can work, they create a lot of waste, which isn’t needed. 

Instead of using paper towels, consider ripping up or cutting up some old socks to use as cleaning rags. You could even keep them intact and use them as a glove for those hard to reach spots.

They are absorbent, can easily pick up dirt and dust, and can be reused multiple times. Of course, before you use them, make sure they are clean and fresh.

Help Your Home Smell Nice


While everyone would love if their home was always fresh and clean, this isn’t always the case. Whether it is cat litter, sports equipment or something else altogether, homes can often smell less than spectacular.

As you can probably imagine, socks can even help with this problem. With a little creativity, you can create a nice sachet out of a sock.

Simply pour some of your favorite scented spice, essential oils or other fragrance into the sock, and tie it up. These can be put on a window sill, in your office, in the laundry room or any other place in the home that you want to smell a little better. You can also cut and design something a little more aesthetically pleasing if you don’t want tied up socks laying around everywhere.

Protect Items When Moving

Moving is quite common in the USA as millions will move to a new home every year. Whether this move is across the city or across the country, you need to protect your items when you move. This is especially true of very small and fragile items like glasses, trophies, vases and anything else that could break during the move.

Not only will wrapping these items in a sock or two help protect them from impact, if they do indeed break, it will contain the mess. Instead of glass flying all over the vehicle, it will remain inside of the sock so it can be safely disposed of.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to assist you in coming up with some great ways to bring old and mismatched socks back to life.

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