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Do You Have Encouraging Triggers Within Your Life?

Do You Have Encouraging Triggers Within Your Life?
Written by Susan Vernicek

If you’re not exposed to any encouraging triggers, you need to get some now because they help you stay the course for your game of life.

There are times in your life when you don’t have encouraging triggers. Do you even know what an encouraging trigger is or that there are even various types of triggers that impact your behavior?

You hear things like “you’re fine, you don’t need to lose weight.”

“You don’t need to earn a living.”

“You’re too independent.” (a guy I dated + broke up with)

“Why do you want to learn that?” (In an unsupported tone)

I’ve heard ALL OF THESE from men I’ve dated, friends, and colleagues. Of course, most of us don’t even realize when we aren’t encouraging. I never thought that saying to my husband or friends “You’re fine, you don’t need to lose weight”, as an unsupportive trigger.

This is a trigger to keep them as is, meaning not giving them the reason or support to change their behavior.

No matter how extreme our circumstances are when it comes to our behavior, we always have a choice.

I just read the above sentence in another book that I’m reading and it’s the most common statement and reminder I’ve been receiving over the last several years— since I’ve picked up more reading over the last decade.

Because of those words, (thanks to the Authors of various books) the words of wisdom have become part of my subconscious thinking.

They’ve become part of my daily affirmations while I shower, brush my teeth, decide to work out or decide how to parent my twin toddlers.

I always have a choice and I’m in charge of my behavior no matter what, with encouraging triggers or not. Say it with me, “I always have a choice and I’m in charge of my behavior no matter what, with encouraging triggers or not.

Do You Have Encouraging Triggers Within Your Life?

I’ve been learning about the various triggers and so many of us especially myself focus on the negative triggers.

I teach awareness of negative triggers so that we can replace them with positive triggers— but I learned something really cool about paying attention to all of the different triggers:

  • Productive triggers
  • Counterproductive triggers
  • Encouraging triggers
  • Discouraging triggers

I love this stuff and this is part of the self-awareness game that I teach in my work, especially within my “Mindset + Achieve” program.

Start paying attention to what encourages you, to who encourages you with your positive triggers…who and what pushes you to do better, to think wiser, to be more creative, to be more kind.

If you’re not exposed to any encouraging triggers, you need to get some now because they help you stay the course for your game of life.

If you have a goal or dreams and nobody’s pushing you—nobody’s helping you go get that—nobody’s holding you accountable— that’s why you need to reflect and get the support.

You need encouraging and consistent triggers to help you achieve.

I want to be your encouraging trigger 😉.

Learn more about my “Mindset + Achieve” program and let’s get you feeling the best you can feel + living your best life.

Identity Magazine is all about guiding women to discover their powers of Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement.

We ask that every contributor and expert answer the Identity questions in keeping with our theme. Their answers can be random and in the moment or they can be aligned with the current article they have written. 

In that way, and as a team, we hope to encourage and motivate each other, thus inspiring you to Get All A’s.

1. What have you accepted within your life, physically and/or mentally? Additionally, what are you still working on accepting? Now, we’re not talking about resignation, rather stepping into, embraced, and owned.

I’ve accepted that I’m 100% in charge of how my life is now—because of every single past decision. I used to blame others and love how far I’ve come in owning my awareness, taking control to do and be better each day.

I’m still working on discovering all of my triggers. And which ones to accept and embrace and which ones to replace.

2. Appreciation is everything. What have you learned to appreciate about yourself and/or within your life, physically and mentally? On the other hand OR in contrast, are there elements of who you are that you’re still working on appreciating?

I appreciate LIFE. I appreciate my work and those who choose to read and learn from me.

3. Share with us one of your most rewarding achievements in life? Tell us not only what makes YOU most proud but also share the goals and dreams that you still have.

I’m proud of developing a passion to read. I read for purpose and that feels really rewarding to me.

Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

About the author

Susan Vernicek

My name is Susan Vernicek and I ignite and empower Mompreneurs who struggle to discover their balance between MomLife + BizLife. I help them create a winning Mompreneur Mindset so that they can consciously thrive at home and KILL IT in business —without feeling guilty and letting go of the comparison game.

With over 13 years of experience and overcoming my own emotional, financial, and physical rock bottom, I’m now thriving as a Mompreneur myself.

I’m your Mindset Igniter, a #1 Amazon Bestseller, Speaker and Coach. Let’s move you from autopilot to achieving in MomLife + BizLife! To connect directly, please Email me at [email protected]

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