The Morning Steps that Get Me Out of Bed

The Morning Steps that Get Me out of Bed
I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.
Written by Susan Vernicek

You have the choice to be more productive and experience more happiness just by waking up a bit early for a little “me time”.

Which morning woman are you?  Do you wake up right away and get on with your day, do you wake up but then talk yourself back into bed, or do you hit snooze 5 times and then your day feels like you’re playing catchup all day long? Or maybe you’re like me who has experienced all of the above?

Millions aren’t claiming this miracle morning shit for no reason, my friend. It may have taken myself a few years to finally give it a try, but it’s is exactly what leaders like Hal Elrod claim it to be—a miracle morning.

I remember learning and watching from all these experts and leaders like Oprah, Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo and so many others. They all went on and on about how important it is to start your day with any kind of routine.

There are even studies and science that prove it to be true and there’s even science behind the benefits of waking up and moving for 20 minutes between the hours of 6-8 AM. 

The Truth

We can all share our personal experiences and even tell you all about the studies and stories, but the final decision is made by you. What I do know is that after reading about it over and over, something triggered within me and I wanted to give this early AM rise a shot. So maybe this article will be your trigger to create your morning miracle so that you can feel and experience your best life. 

Science Behind the Early Birds

Harvard Biologist Christoph Randler discovered that early risers are more proactive. They’re also more likely to anticipate problems and minimize them efficiently, which leads to more success especially in the business world. 

I know from studies and personal experience that having a proactive mindset and a growth mindset leads to increased productivity. Why? Because you’re not standing by waiting to be told what to do next or how to handle a challenge. Instead, you’re anticipating needs, getting curious, and building confidence. My clients and students who lean into the challenges and run with my tips and advice always seem to have more success than those who don’t.

Perks of a Morning Routine

A few of the perks from my morning routine have been a stronger identity, deeper connection with myself, more trust within myself, I experience more energy, fewer mood swings and I’m happier and healthier overall—and the biggest is that I feel so in control of my day and time. As a Mom of twin toddlers, that’s a huge WIN.

According to a University of Toronto study, morning people reported higher levels of happiness. You have the choice to be more productive and experience more happiness just by waking up a bit early for a little “me time”. Let’s get you ignited with a smooth transition for a new morning miracle. 

Here are the morning steps that work for me. Give them a try for your new morning Routine and to experience your very own morning miracles

  1. Plan your morning the night before: You’ve got to know what you’re waking up for, otherwise, there’s no waking up, let’s be honest. So what do you plan to do? Workout, read, meditate, write, take a shower, or sip on coffee or tea? I suggest moving your body for at least 20 minutes.  
  2. Your Alarm: I set my Alexa alarm to different songs to wake up to each morning to keep it fun. I cringe over the traditional annoying beeping alarm— ugh even as I type I’m cringing because that sound is awful. So make your alarm fun so you’re waking up to music you love and helps to get moving.
  3. Go to the Bathroom: Once I launch out of bed I run to the ladies’ room with my one eye open, (because of my bells palsy eye, HA) and use the bathroom to wake up a bit more.
  4. Brush My Teeth: I brush my teeth ASAP either before I use the bathroom If I’m not peeing my pants because this mama delivered twins 14 minutes apart and let’s just say I’m a little weak, HA. Anywho, when you brush your teeth, that is my “I’m awake!”–officially awake. For me, there’s something so good about a fresh mouth and I’m ready to rock and roll. 
  5. Get Dressed: I hurry and get dressed with the clothes I already had ready to go.
  6. Water: Head downstairs to chug my first glass of water to kick off my morning and BOOM, It’s GO time.

There you have it, the morning steps that get me out of bed and keep me out of bed. Get to the brushing your teeth quickly because it’s the main kicker in the morning. 

Whatever you do, keep trying different things and don’t give up and if you get up one time, that’s evidence you CAN do it. It just then comes down to how bad do you want your very own miracle morning over and over.


A study from Oxford Harvard University found that if you reflect on 3 things you’re grateful for (for 30 days straight), your happiness increases.  So this could be a GREAT experiment for you to try over the next 30 days. 

I’ve actually done this work for so long that I express my gratitude throughout the entire day—so I probably acknowledge about 10-20 things per day. I’ve found this to have a tremendous impact on my happiness and self-awareness.

There ya have it!  Give it a try and let me know, you can find me on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and PINTEREST

Identity Magazine is all about guiding women to discover their powers of Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement.

We ask that every contributor and expert answer the Identity questions in keeping with our theme. Their answers can be random and in the moment or they can be aligned with the current article they have written. 

In that way, and as a team, we hope to encourage and motivate each other, thus inspiring you to Get All A’s.

1. What have you accepted within your life, physically and/or mentally? Additionally, what are you still working on accepting? Now, we’re not talking about resignation, rather stepping into, embraced, and owned.

I’ve accepted that I’m 100% in charge of how my life is now—because of every single past decision. I used to blame others and love how far I’ve come in owning my awareness, taking control to do and be better each day.

I’m still working on discovering all of my triggers. And which ones to accept and embrace and which ones to replace.

2. Appreciation is everything. What have you learned to appreciate about yourself and/or within your life, physically and mentally? On the other hand OR in contrast, are there elements of who you are that you’re still working on appreciating?

I appreciate LIFE. I appreciate my work and those who choose to read and learn from me.

3. Share with us one of your most rewarding achievements in life? Tell us not only what makes YOU most proud but also share the goals and dreams that you still have.

I’m proud of developing a passion to read. I read for purpose and that feels really rewarding to me.

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I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.

Susan Vernicek

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