How to Incorporate Pet Stuff Into Your Home Decor

How to Incorporate Pet Stuff Into Your Home Decor
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Having a pet does not mean you need to sacrifice your clean and beautiful home.

For many people, owning a pet is an important part of their lives. Having a nice living space is also important to many people. Combining the two can be tricky when it comes to keeping your space clean and organized.

Whether you have a cat or a dog, there is bound to be fur around the home. Invest in a vacuum specifically for homes with pets and use it frequently to keep up on the fluff.

Another useful tip is to keep a lint roller in a couple of rooms of your home and stash one in your car or purse. No matter where you are, you can quickly roll away pet hair before someone comes over or you are running into the store.

Toy Storage

Pets need a lot of toys and supplies. A quick and easy way to incorporate these into your living space is to have a cute basket or a storage ottoman that matches your decor. It is easy to pick things up when they have a specific place to go, and just because it is for animal toys does not mean that it cannot match your style.

For animal supplies, have a designated cabinet or shelf for most of their items. This keeps things tidy and out of the way. If you want to keep some treats around, purchase a cute dish with a lid, and keep treats there. There are plenty of options to match your home decor without resorting to buying a bone-shaped jar for your pet’s favorite snack.


If you have a kennel for your dog or an animal carrier that can be hard to store in a small space, find a corner of your home that you can set up the crate and camouflage it. This could mean having a pretty cover on it when your pet is not in there. Or perhaps putting it in the corner of your bedroom or guest room.

Depending on the size, some kennels will even fit under a table which could disguise it while not losing a spot for magazines or drinks. Especially in a smaller space, it is important to make your space work for you and not be a cause of stress. (Pets are supposed to cause less stress, not more!)

Leashes & More

Depending on your life, the type of pet you have, or your preference, your pet might have a rain jacket or a coat for walks in inclement weather. If you have a coat closet, separate them out on their own shelf with your dog’s leash and harness.

You will always know where they are, but you do not need to hang them out in the open. This is a great place to collect other clothes you might have for your dog as well.

If you do not have a coat closet, consider purchasing a small table with a drawer to place near your door. You can use the top to collect keys and mail while hiding some of the bulkier pet items in the drawer.

Those Infernal Litter Boxes

One of the trickiest things to consider in a home is the litter box. Nobody wants a guest to walk in and smell or see evidence of the litter box. While popular options include a laundry room, storage area, or a bathroom, sometimes you might have to get a little more creative. Cats are very smart and agile, so it might be an option to put it in a cabinet under the sink or another area with a closed door. 

You can train your cat to open a cabinet door if it is not hard to open. This would keep the mess and smell contained while being out of sight for guests. Using a non clumping cat litter is a great way to end up with less dust, keeping the cabinet and floors cleaner.

If a cabinet does not work, try to find a space in your home that you could potentially put a small cat door in. These are easy to install, and many landlords do not mind installing this if the building is already pet-friendly.

While there are many options at pet stores to purchase storage supplies, think outside of the box when shopping for pet necessities. Find something that matches your style and personality and see if you can make it work for your needs. Having a pet does not mean you need to sacrifice your clean and beautiful home.

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