Careers For a Mid-Life Career Change

5 Careers For a Mid-Life Career Change
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Priorities can drastically change depending on your life situation. What made sense five, ten, or twenty years ago may not make sense in this day and age.

A mid-life career change can seem scary to most women. Whether your job has been affected by the pandemic or you’re looking for a change, there are many new career opportunities available.

Do you need a change?

Staying in a familiar situation of any kind can feel safer than change. This is especially true when assessing a career. Regardless of how much money you make or how long you’ve been in the field, a career change can significantly benefit many midlife workers.

It might be time for a change if you:

-Dread going to work

-Find yourself watching the clock

-Are not learning anything new

-Feel isolated

-Are not making enough money

The 5 best careers for women who want a change

Changing jobs can be tough, but several career opportunities are available now. With varying levels of training, these jobs can be lucrative and fulfilling.

1.) Dental Hygienist.

The median salary for a dental hygienist is $74,070 per year. Depending on where you live, education requirements may vary. Most states require training in addition to passing the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination. Regular training and education does take approximately two years to complete but can take longer depending on the program. Once you become a dental hygienist, you can become licensed to work in a dental office.

2.) Massage Therapist.

A massage therapist can work for a variety of different companies but often works independently. Both healthcare and hospitality industries employ massage therapists to help patients and clients with physical discomfort. A massage therapist does require prior education, but this can be done in less than 3 years.

A massage therapist’s job responsibilities include assisting doctors or chiropractors in physical therapy, understanding the client’s medical history, and working with clients to better understand their stress levels. This can be a physically demanding job but highly rewarding for the right person.

3.) Network and Computer Systems Administrator.

Many tech companies are eager to hire women in a male-dominated field. By becoming a computer systems administrator, you can identify an organization’s needs around computer systems, monitor network performance, and determine network errors.

A bachelor’s degree is usually preferred; however, certification can be an alternative for some companies. If you’re interested in a career in network and computer systems, it’s helpful to look at companies who are hiring and their requirements before embarking on extra schooling.

4.) Cosmetic Marketing.

The marketing field is sometimes described as a mix between psychology and administrative capabilities. Organization and the knowledge of human behavior are some of the most significant assets one needs to succeed as a marketer. Marketing in the beauty industry does not require lengthy education, but the earning potential can often be quite high.

Cosmetic marketing can involve working for others or yourself. By having your own business, you can control the various aspects of advertising and marketing.

5.) Fitness Instructor.

A fitness instructor or trainer typically makes approximately $30,000 per year. The training and education needed will vary depending on the company or gym you work for. Some gyms offer fitness instruction classes for those who want to be certified upon completion.

Other places of employment include country clubs, exercise studios, and universities. Depending on the resort, some hotels and even cruise ships may hire fitness instructors for their clientele. For those who enjoy motivating others and a physically challenging job, this may be the right fit.

Making the decision to change

Making a change is always tough. In light of the recent pandemic, many people find themselves forced to make new decisions regularly. When looking for the perfect job change, your individual priorities matter most. Are you the kind of woman who likes to work in or out of the house?

Do you want or are financially equipped to spend money on training or education? With whom do you want to work? These are some of the questions to ask yourself when looking for the perfect career.

Priorities can drastically change depending on your life situation. What made sense five, ten, or twenty years ago may not make sense in this day and age. For a career that fits you and your lifestyle, understanding all the options is always a good idea.

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