How to Decorate Your Living Room with Wildlife Art

Written by Carol Combs

Show your distinctive decoration skills by placing something extraordinary in your living space.

Great! You have your dream home. After buying or getting it constructed, you decide to decorate it for a better interior look. From hanging/installing painting to artwork, you take every possible effort in your home decoration.

You pay utmost attention to your living room, as it is the core space of your abode. Most of you always prefer being in the living room whether you have to discuss something important with your family members or someone comes to see you. In the decoration of this space, you can opt for formal, informal, or semi-formal style.

Whatever the theme or style you select; decoration adds characters to your living room and gives an outlook of your personality. If you decorate your living room well, it helps you start your conversation and makes lovely coordination.

And when you decide wildlife as the theme of your living room decoration, you have queries on how to do it and what to do to complete it. Here are some practical tips for your assistance:

Hang a cool iron geometric fox head

People prefer artificial foxes for their home decoration. You can opt for hanging a geometric fox head if you don’t love to go for ordinary childlike cartoon art styles. In this art, geometric shapes are created to resemble the real fox head in look. As per your choice, you can opt for a distressed appearance or a solid color if your living room decoration is leaned to a rustic style.

Opt for installing wood-made birds

There are always large, blank walls in your living room. You can decorate them by installing the art pieces, depicting different birds. These art pieces could be made of metal or wood. Suppose that you want to display ducks on your living room walls. You can purchase wood duck decoy of different sizes and hang them in ascending or descending order. Further, you can opt for installing soaring birds, made of wood/metal, if you want to have a stunning view in your living room.

Choose a cute elephant art

If you love having a jungle safari, you can make it a theme for your living room decoration. Selecting a baby elephant art piece will make your safari theme more adorable. You should do it on a larger scale if you have small kids in your home. The simplicity of this art piece makes the decoration of your living room more versatile when it comes to deciding a place to hang it.

Hang a bold tiger art piece on the wall

Are you bold and extremely courageous? If yes, show it to others through your living room decoration. You can decide to hang a bold tiger art without making any change in the rest of your living room decor. Through this artwork, you can show how strong and bold you are in a laid back, quiet manner. You can shop this art piece on a large scale in different sizes if you want to show boldness via your decoration.

Choose customized bunny rabbit ornament

Love to display your closeness to animals and forest? If yes, go with a bunny rabbit ornament. You can opt for a straightforward design that could outline a heart shape rabbit in a bush. As per your choice, you can request the maker to add characters to this ornament to personalize it for you.

For instance, your daughter/son loves rabbits. You can get a bunny rabbit with his/her name for your living room decor.

Place sheepskin animal pal stools

Show your distinctive decoration skills by placing something extraordinary in your living space. For this, you can place sheepskin animal pal footstools anywhere in your living room, a corner or close to the sitting area. Apart from placing them as footstools, you can use them as cosy chairs for the decoration of your child’s space.

Hang a glittering unicorn head wall sculpture

Unicorns hold a special place when it comes to decorating living room walls. If you or your child has an obsession with the things associated with unicorns, you can opt for installing a unicorn head wall sculpture in your living space or your child’s room.

Usually, unicorns sculptures are available in white. However, you can get one with a glittering silver horn via customization. You can request the artmaker to add more characters to it.

Place a brass made rocking horse

No better option than a rocking horse is for your living space if you disclose your power, stamina, and love to animals. Get a rocking horse made of brass and install it to the close of a living room wall. No one can sit on this horse, but it is great furnishing and holiday decoration for your living space.


Using wildlife art as a focal point in your living space decoration is a fun way to show your love to nature and animals. How you can use it for decor basically depends on your choice and creativity. Your creativity will help you do it well.

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