How I Mentally Manage a Surgery Obstacle

How I Mentally Manage a Surgery Obstacle
I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.
Written by Susan Vernicek

I had some inner voices try to creep in and say “F*&K” it.

“Why even bother, just wait until after surgery.” –a very slight whisper in my head. It’s for sure annoying when you have all these plans, you’re on track, implementing and then something like a surgery gets thrown in the middle.  LOL, nothing phases me anymore. 

My surgery date was determined just 2 weeks ago and is in one week, 8/19.  The bright side, I consider it an opportunity to be a little pampered 😉

But, you know I had some inner voices try to creep in and say “F*&K” it. And I could easily throw my hands up and throw in the towel for many things like:

  • Projects I have brewing for my business…
  • Projects I have in my home like an updated office with an added classroom space for the twins…
  • Quit the 80-Day workout I committed to because I’m only on day 46, so who cares and my entire routine will be thrown off anyway…
  • Eat everything in the kitchen because the day before surgery I can only have liquids…
  • Throw myself a pity party, over and over

But, as I teach and preach, that doesn’t do me any good. 

Why would I go unhealthy before surgery? That doesn’t make sense at all. I must remain healthy and ready so I’m in the best surgery form ever 😉

And so what, I’ll now complete 50 of the 80 workouts. I completed 50! That’s a huge win.

And my business, I have meetings booked up until the 18th and plan for a week break, this is why I’m an Entrepreneur, I wanted to have this kind of random flexibility. 😉

And for my home projects, Rob and I just hired a handyman to finish putting my new desk together, and another desk together and some other house projects I won’t get to.  

And, I’m going to leverage this surgery to be even more focused and prepared, not distracted, disconnected, and depressed.

I wouldn’t dare throw in the towel because I’ve built a stronger inner dialogue, a strong mindset, and I owe it to myself and the promise I made to push and stay on track the best I can—both personally and professionally.

This is LIFE and I have to play the game. I accept to play the game, I appreciate the game, I’m aiming to continue to achieve in my game. 

Otherwise, I lose. #getallas

Xo, Sue 

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I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.

Susan Vernicek

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