6 Best Wedding Gifts for Young Couples

6 Best Wedding Gifts for Young Couples
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Love is in the air, and you know what that means: its wedding season! The RSVP has been mailed with your choice of chicken or beef for dinner carefully chosen, you’ve got your outfits planned, now all you need is to find the perfect gift for that perfect soon-to-be-married couple.

You could stick with something tried and true, like a toaster oven. But maybe you have waited until the last minute and all the good gifts from the registry have already been purchased or maybe you just prefer to pick out something unique for yourself.

Either way, if you’re struggling to find a great wedding gift for a young couple, we’ve carefully chosen six great ideas that are sure to please.

The Microwave

This is a must-have for every kitchen and it’s a bigger purchase, so chances are the couple hasn’t splurged on this gadget for themselves yet. 

Microwave is one of the gadgets in the kitchen that is used on a daily basis. It had different options and models, so be careful what kind of microwave oven you want to buy.

The microwave comes in a variety of colors, so you can personalize your gift to match the couple’s kitchen décor or choose a great pop of color to act as an accent. There are also a ton of accessories that you can purchase separately based on what you know (and love) about the couple. 

6 Best Wedding Gifts for Young Couples

Keepsake Box

You can’t go wrong with this one and there are so many to choose from you’re bound to find something that’s perfect for the couple that falls into your desired price range. A keepsake box can be personalized with the couples name or wedding theme (we’ve even seen some that use the couple’s wedding invitation as part of the design) or it can just be a beautiful handmade box. 

The idea is that the couple can fill this box with cards and other keepsakes from their engagement, showers, wedding, and honeymoon. You can always give them a head start by including their invitation or save the date (chances are they didn’t keep any for themselves!), their wedding program and a nice note with your hopes for their future. 

For more precious treasures there’s our secret Acorn box which also presents an addition to your interior style. This is a gift that’s sure to be unique and the couple will think of you and their special day every time they open it!

Personalized Cutting Board

Here’s another unique idea that will be something the couple uses almost every day. A cutting board is a kitchen staple. Even if the couple is not big on cooking and eating in, a great cutting board can be a decorative aspect of their kitchen or even a serving tray. Of course, it’s also great for cutting bread, meats, fruits, and vegetables. 

A personalized cutting board can include the couple’s last name or monogram and wedding date. You can also usually choose the script, wood stain and finish. If you’re handy, you could even handcraft this gift and pair it up with a nice wooden spoon!

The Bucket List Book

This is a super creative and thoughtful idea that you could do relatively inexpensively if you need to. A bucket list book is a journal where the couple can record all the things, big and small, that they want to do together. 

You can buy a personalized bucket list book and have it monogrammed and specially designed, or you can make it yourself. 

We love the idea of sleuthing and funding one of the bucket list items. You could do a little sneaky intel and get an idea from the groom of something the pair would like to do after they married, something local or even better, a fun and unique activity they can do on their honeymoon.

Write the idea in the bucket list book and include a gift card or pre-paid tickets for the event. 

A Star Map

We don’t mean one of those maps you can buy near the Hollywood Walk of Fame that supposedly give away movie stars’ addresses. This star map is a beautiful piece of artwork for the couple’s home together and it documents their wedding in a unique way.

All you need is the couple’s wedding date, then you can choose any of the star map websites (depending on your price range and the size of the poster you would like to purchase), then you enter the wedding date and receive a screen print of the night sky on the evening of the wedding. 

We love this option because although it’s personalized, it’s not your typical monogrammed gift. Have the poster mounted and framed so all the couple has to do is hang it up.

The Security Camera

For the tech junkies in your life, a home security camera might not be the most sentimental gift, but we guarantee the couple will appreciate this practical addition to their new home when they leave for their honeymoon.

A wireless security camera can be used to monitor the home from the front door or it can be placed inside the home so the couple can check in on their dog or house sitter while they’re away.

The possibilities are endless. For that extra helpful touch, you can offer to have it installed for them so they have one less item to cross off their mile-long to-do list after the wedding.

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