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Post-Surgery Bladder Complications

Post-Surgery Bladder Complications
Written by Susan Vernicek

I said to myself, trust your gut. I knew something was wrong.

It’s been a rough 15+ hours on my healing journey.

Our bodies sure can test us and thank goodness for my sense of humor and breathing practices because I experienced about 8 hours of contractions (bladder spasms) last night as if I was in labor.

The internal battle at 3 AM to wake up my husband and tell him something is wrong.

To then battle to just call an ambulance so we don’t have to wake the twins up, to do I wake up my doctor at 3 AM for her expertise?

Soooo many decisions, so many internal conversations all at once.

I said to myself, trust your gut. I knew something was wrong.

So I woke my husband up, told him to make the decision about calling an ambulance or him packing kids up to take me to the ER. I needed him to take on some of the decisions. 😉

I called my dr. And she told me to go.
My contractions/spasms are on a pattern as I head into the ER and I’m having flash blacks of labor.

Rob and kids drop me off and I’m wheeled in within minutes.

Its about an hour of torture as they flush my bladder and clear blood clots which is was caused my bladder to retain 1.3 liters of urine. Oh fun!

They couldn’t get the catheter in so they had to put TWO IN. Lol, I just laughed and told them all is good, I’ve got my breathing down and already feeling better because I know there is relief coming soon.

3 + hours later I’m calling a CAB to pick me up because I didn’t want Rob to have to wake the kids up again.

SO…now I’m home with a catheter again!

ALL IS OK, Back to healing.

What I know is that everyone is right when they say you know your body.


My mental health, mindset, and control played a massive roll in keeping it cool and keeping the ER nurses loving their job still because I wasn’t a raging B*^%h. I made sure to thank them all for working as well. 🤣.

Something I teach in my coaching program, show appreciation for yourself and others. Don’t hold back, be the one to share not just think it.

A huge shout to my clients and colleagues that had to reschedule with me today, and my co/leaders for rocking our global networking meeting today.

So now, here’s my question?

What should I ask for when I heal? 🤣

A diamond ring?
A trip to Aruba?

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