Best Low-Maintenance Houseplants

Best Low-Maintenance Houseplants
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Learn to garden indoors with these low-maintenance houseplants.

Plants are such an enhancement for your home. Most of us have them, and when we buy houseplants not a whole lot tends to go into our decisions aside from how we think they’ll look in our house.

And this is natural, there are many houseplants which are very aesthetically pleasing to look at and it’s nice to have them in our home both for ourselves and so that they’ll be eye-catching when we’ve got visitors.

But that’s not all that they’re good for. Houseplants actually have numerous health benefits too. From boosting your mood, to reducing stress and detoxifying the air there are a number of ways they can help your physical and mental wellbeing.

There’s also the fact that keeping indoor plants is unquestionably a form of gardening and that comes with its own benefits too. Chief of all being the fact that it’s a productive and fulfilling hobby to have.

And the thing about indoor gardening is that it can fill that role in the lives of those who don’t necessarily have the time or the energy to build up an actual garden outside. Indoor gardening is the less strenuous and more easily accessible option.

So if you’re looking into giving it a try, you should probably aim for some of the more low-maintenance plants. Here are some of the best ones:


The thing that’s so great about Clivia is that it doesn’t need a huge amount of sunlight to survive. That’s a big deterrent for a lot of people who think about gardening and indoor gardening specifically is that they’re unsure how to get sunlight to their plants.

If you think there aren’t a whole lot of rooms in your house that would be ideal positioning for a plant that needs sunlight then you could opt for clivia. They prefer the cooler temperatures and they also don’t need to be watered all that often.


Aloe is a plant that does need a lot of sunlight but that’s pretty much the extent of their needs. This is a very beneficial plant to grow because they have such a wide variety of medical uses and benefits.

They don’t need to be watered that often but when you do give them a drop it should be a thorough one. You can also use pretty much any fertilizer so as long as you’ve got a sunny place for them these are very low maintenance.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is one of the most adaptable plants out there. It does require sunlight but it prefers it to be low or indirect which means that you don’t need to position it where it’s getting sunned during every waking hour.

It’s also another one that you don’t need to be constantly watering. In fact it’s better for this plant if you leave the soil dry for a couple of days at a time. Even if you slip up in taking care of these, they can survive a lot of hardships so you should be all right.


I think that you’ll start to notice a little bit of a pattern here. Yucca’s also don’t need to be watered very often. The thing that you’ll find most gardeners agree on is that watering is the worst part of the job.

So a common trend among low-maintenance ones is the lack of a necessity to be constantly watering and the yucca is consistent with that. What they do need is a lot of sunlight and also a lot of space because these boys get big.

Snake Plant

This is one of the first plants that usually comes to a gardener’s mind when they think of one that’s low maintenance. This plant doesn’t even really need sunlight, it can survive under fluorescent lights. 

And another benefit is, you guessed it, you only have to water it once or twice a week. In fact during the Winter the snake plant can probably survive only being watered once or twice a month so this is a great year-round choice.

And this is barely scratching the surface. There are a ton of choices for you. Indoor plants are a great way to get a lot of the benefits of gardening along with the benefits that come with having plants around and having to do so much less work to maintain them. 

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