What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Won’t Blow Cold Air

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Won't Blow Cold Air
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A common complaint about air conditioners is that the AC is not blowing out cool air.

Your air conditioner is important to the function of your home. When it malfunctions, what can you do? If your home doesn’t seem to cool down and if your AC isn’t blowing cold air, something is wrong.

After all, the purpose of your AC is to make your home cooler in the hotter months. If you’re thinking about air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City, first ask yourself these three questions.

Is the Air Filter Blocked?

To maintain a functioning air conditioner, you have to replace the air filter regularly. When the filter becomes plugged, the airflow becomes limited. This limited airflow forces the machine to work harder than before to cool the house. It may even decrease the ability of the AC to blow cold air. With less air coming from the machine, you are likely to feel warmer. Clogged air filters can also lead to other issues, such as:

•        Short-cycling

•        Increased energy bills

•        Frozen coils

Luckily, changing an air filter is not a lot of work. Anyone can do it and they should do it at least once every one to three months.

Is There a Refrigerant Leak?

Air conditioners rely on refrigerant. Cooling occurs due to a heat transferring process. Without refrigerant, this cannot happen. A refrigerant leak is one of the most common reasons for an AC to malfunction.

Sometimes, the leak will start small. Then, it becomes worse over time. As it becomes worse, it can cause other problems, such as compressor failure, frozen coils or inconsistent cooling.

To invest in air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City before the problem becomes worse will keep money in your pocket and extend the longevity of your AC. When the problem becomes worse, a complete system failure can occur and you may need to replace the unit.

Are Your Thermostat Settings Correct?

If your AC is not blowing cold air, there could be a very simple solution. Sometimes, thermostats malfunction and other times, they are simply not set correctly. Go to your thermostat and check the settings.

Is your AC in cooling mode? Sometimes, a person may only have the fan on and not realize that the cooling mode isn’t activated. When you have the fan on, all it does is move air. Usually, you want your AC to be in AUTO mode.

A common complaint about air conditioners is that the AC is not blowing out cool air. Fortunately, many of the solutions are also simple. Sometimes, however, you may need air conditioning repair.

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