Top Herbal Remedies to Cope with Stress and Anxiety

Top Herbal Remedies to Cope with Stress and Anxiety
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This natural herb affects the systems and hormones in the body that regulate stress response.

People with stress and anxiety choose herbal remedies as a substitute for prescribed medicine. This is because some of the medications can have unwanted side effects. People use herbal remedies to get through various psychiatric disorders as well. These disorders include depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

As one of the pervasive forms of mental problems, anxiety disorders have a huge impact on every individual. Unfortunately, these days, a lot of people are suffering from mental health problems.

Herbal medicines are generally safe to use. However, some adjustments to diet and the use of natural supplements may help relieve stress more effectively. It is important to talk to your doctor before you stop using prescription medicine and start using herbal remedies.

The doctor may also recommend herbal treatments specifically for you. Some natural herbs can also cause side effects if they react with other medications. It’s a mistake not to consult experts before starting a course or a routine.

Following are some of the top natural herbs that can help with stress and anxiety:

Top Herbal Remedies to Cope with Stress and Anxiety

Chamomile tea:

Chamomile is a mutual name for several daisy-like plants. Its tea is a popular beverage with several health benefits. You can use chamomile tea as a caffeine-free alternative to black or green tea. It is rich in antioxidants that play a role in lowering your risk of heart disease and cancer.

Using it as aromatherapy or taking it as a supplement may reduce the severity of stress, anxiety, and depression. It contains molecules that promote sleepiness and reduce other symptoms of insomnia. People who consume chamomile tea on a regular basis fall asleep 15 minutes faster than people who don’t. Naturally, it becomes a great remedy for people who have different mental conditions.

Drinking chamomile before going to bed will certainly help you sleep and reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. You can use it in the form of tea, tablets, extracts, and skin cream to help relieve stress and anxiety.


The cannabinoid is one of the active ingredients present in the cannabis plant. According to studies, CBD has calming and soothing effects on the central nervous system. This natural chemical is widely available in different forms for intake. Read here to know about the availability of vape liquids, tablets, CBD drinks, etc.

Researchers prove that CBD can help treat anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. In addition to this, studies also suggest that cannabinoid might help you:

Reduce anxiety, inflammation, and relieve pain.

Control vomiting and nausea

Slow tumor growth.

Kill cancer cells.

Relax tight muscles.

Stimulates appetite and improves weight gain.


Kava or kava-kava is the crop of the Pacific Islands. Because of the presence of kava pyrones in it, they act much like alcohol on your brain. This makes you feel serenity, relaxation, and ecstasy. Moreover, you can consume kava in the form of tea, capsule, liquid, or powder form.

The roots of the kava plant contain chemicals such as kava pyrones and kavalactones. These chemicals are responsible for many positive effects on our brain, such as:

It helps lessen anxiety, depression, and stress

Protects neurons from any kind of harm

Lowers the risk of cancer

Minimizes pain sensation

Recent studies support the consumption of kava for treating anxiety and stress. It is susceptible to be as effective as an anti-anxiety drug.

Withania Somnifera:

Withania somnifera is popularly called the ‘Indian ginseng’. It is an ancient healing herb that helps our body fight with depression and reduces anxiety and stress. Supplementing with this herb may be an easy and effective way to boost brain functionality. It also improves your immune system and the overall quality of life.

This natural herb affects the systems and hormones in the body that regulate stress response. A recent study concludes that consuming 250 grams of ashwagandha for 60 days will show a significant reduction in stress and anxiety. You can consume it in the form of a tablet or liquid tincture.


Lavender is also popular as Lavandula in the mint family of Lamiaceae. Most people consume it to help calm the nerves and alleviate anxiety. In addition to this, it is available in several forms, such as tea and oil.

Lavender oil consists of chemicals called terpenes, which may have a calming effect on the brain’s chemical receptors. It also has a great effect on treating anxiety disorders.

Other oils such as delta 8 and jasmine oil may also help in reducing stress and anxiety. CBD vape juice also helps in keeping the mind calm.

Valerian Root Tea:

Valerian tea is an herbal beverage that consists of roots of the valerian herb. People consume this tea to help treat sleep problems, depression, and anxiety disorders. That is why it has a history of being a natural remedy. It can be accessible in the form of tea, tablet, and tincture.

Studies approve of valerian tea to be generally safe for regular use. However, people should be aware that valerian has a sleep instigate effect. Consuming it with alcohol or other sedatives could be dangerous and will add to the sleep-induced effect. It may also help relieve menstrual symptoms, hot flashes, and insomnia.

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