Here are The Top 5 Women-Owned Wellness Businesses

Here are The Top 5 Women-Owned Wellness Businesses
Written by Christina Moore

Statistics show that women-owned businesses brought more than 1.8 trillion dollars in revenue.

Many Fortune companies are performing excellently in the market. Fortunately, some of these companies have women CEOs. According to research, it shows that women-led companies continue to perform better and have excellent stock ratings. Smart investors should think of investing in these women-owned companies.

Statistics show that women-owned businesses brought more than 1.8 trillion dollars in revenue. These businesses also created over four million jobs. However, it shows that women-owned wellness businesses are gaining popularity. People are looking for health and wellness solutions, and women have taken part in providing these solutions.

Here are excellently performing women-owned wellness businesses:

1. Pipcorn

Pipcorn is a health and wellness company co-founded by Jen Martin in 2012. It started as a humble company in Brooklyn but has become a large scale Shark Tank success. This health and wellness company aims at producing corn products. The corns used are whole grains, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

The success of this company enabled the co-founder to be crowned among the queer women founders. That’s because the company watches and pioneers the diversity of natural foods.

This company reimagines snacks with an heirloom to create a better snack with a modern flavor. Many people have appreciated these tasty, easy to digest, don’t-stick-in-teeth products. Since people have accepted the products, the company has experienced tremendous economic growth.

2. pH-D Feminine Health

Women love to feel confident and comfortable. pH-D Feminine Health is one of the best-performing companies to reinvent natural feminine hygiene wellness, and it provides solutions to millions of women. It is a woman-owned business but partners with physicians to help sell boric acid vaginal suppository – recommended by doctors.

The company only manufactures FDA registered products in the United States. The company is inspired by families that love safe and natural products. It is located in Calvert, Maryland.

All products from this company are handcrafted to ensure safety and quality – from skin colors to fragrances. Many people love these products because they use quality oils, butter, and natural ingredients. Having a woman’s leadership, the company shows outstanding performance in the market.

3. Alkaline for Life

This company offers its customers professional-grade nutrition and supplements for proper pH balance. Alkaline for life only sources high-quality hypoallergenic nutrients – without GMOs, binders, and fillers. So, the product you put in your body from this company is healthy.

Dr. Susan Brown founded Alkaline for Life. The reason to start this company was that people have to maintain their bone health. It is achieved through balancing pH as it prevents further bone loss.

Studies on the pH and bone have enabled Dr. Susan to understand the importance of balancing acid-alkaline. That helps improve the health of body systems. Many people appreciating these products from the company help boost sales and the value of its stocks.

4. Miracle in the Green

Another great performing woman-owned wellness company is this company, Miracle in the Green. The company focuses on spreading wellness to people. It uses moringa as a significant ingredient to create products.

Miracle in the Green is committed to environmental sustainability to impact wellness. Some of the wellness products from this company are for babies and beauty. They are made from plant-derived ingredients. Moreover, to achieve environmental conservation, it focuses on recycling package components the company uses.

The products are made with innovative technology to empower women and children to have a healthier and happier future. Fortunately, the company is performing well in the market.

5. K’dara CBD

This is a health and wellness company established by Katrina Thompkins. While founding this brand, she used to work as an ICU nurse. Today, she has dedicated herself, and she serves among frontline workers during the pandemic in New York City.

K’dara CBD company offers a wide variety of organic CBD products. These products include edibles, tropical, and oils. Also, there are bath bombs and pet treats. Since many states have legalized the use of CBD products, her business is booming. CBD oils are associated with numerous health benefits. That makes K’dara CBD among great women-owned businesses to have an opportunity to perform excellently in the market.

It is not a surprise to see women-owned wellness businesses performing well in the market. Women have dedicated themselves to leadership positions enabling their companies to move forward financially. If convinced, you might find gems worth investing your dollars.

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