A Letter To My Younger Self

Do You Have Encouraging Triggers Within Your Life?
I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.
Written by Susan Vernicek

This month I reshare a letter that I wrote to my younger self, at the age of nine.   Thanks to Ellyn Spragins for creating the Letters To My Younger Self books, kits, and more!  This exercise was extremely therapeutic and I hope you give it a try!  

Dear Susan,

I know your thinking “why me?”

“Why did they pick me out of all my friends to go into the Special Education classes? You were only nine years old and at the time, enjoying Mrs. Altman’s recording lesson that day.  Then, the guidance counselor came into the classroom and took you to her office. That’s when your life instantly changed, and believe it or not, for the better.


You’re feeling stupid, mad, alone, confused, and helpless. Nobody cares how your feel or what you think about this new life in Special Education.  Every day you go into another classroom that none of your friends would ever be in. You don’t relate with the other kids at all. You sit in your seat and just work.  You barely speak or smile.

You have one mission, and that was to get out and mainstreamed again.

You are so angry and frustrated that your focus is to prove them wrong and work hard to become mainstreamed and in classes with your friends again.  You’re unaware of all the skills your learning to survive and achieve in life.  You won’t realize it until you get into college, graduate, travel the world and own your own business.

At the age of nine, you are learning to take each day, one day at a time, and breathe.  Susan, hang in there because you learn the ropes and achieve on many levels.

Now, it’s 2020 from the last time I wrote this in 2010.

Susan, your 30-year-old self is doing the work, you’re showing up and learning how to even increase your success with mindset work.  You’re onto being a bestseller on Amazon, an amazing coach, and running a successful Mindset + Achieve coaching program. Stay dedicated Susan, you’re killing it and you have everything you need to continue to succeed.

With love from your achieved, intelligent, older self…

Now write yours!

*first published in 2010

About the author

I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.

Susan Vernicek

Mindset Coach, Susan Vernicek ignites and empowers Mompreneurs who struggle to discover their balance between MomLife + BizLife. For over a decade she's been helping them create a winning Mompreneur Mindset so that they can consciously thrive at home and KILL IT in business —without feeling guilty and letting go of the comparison game.

With 14 years of experience and overcoming her own emotional, financial, and physical rock bottom, she's now thriving as a Mompreneur.

She's not just a mindset coach and igniter, she's known as the Mindset + Achieve™ coach, a #1 Amazon Bestseller, and Speaker. Move from autopilot to achieving in MomLife + BizLife! To connect directly, please Email Susan at Susan@susanvernicek.com

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