The Definition of Hooking Up and Why You Shouldn’t Expect More

The Definition of Hooking Up and Why You Shouldn’t Expect More
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Hook ups can occur over a weekend, one night, or throughout the course of a few months.

In modern times it has almost become the new norm to hookup on a casual basis without actually pursuing a committed relationship. Many more people are choosing the independent solo lifestyle over getting married, putting up house together and building a family. 

This new way of living has become many bachelors and bachelorette’s preference. They have stopped looking for ‘the one’ and to soothe their natural animalistic needs, they opt for casual flings and one-night stands with multiple partners. To some this might be a foreign concept and if you don’t fully understand what it means, you might end up expecting more and getting hurt. 

What is a Hook Up? 

Before you can engage in casual encounters successfully, you have to first learn what hooking up means and what it entails. This basically means meeting someone you find attractive to engage in sexual physical intimacy. It’s a no strings attached activity where both partners know that they basically want to use each other for sexual gratification. 

Hookups can occur over a weekend, one night, or throughout the course of a few months. Whenever you feel horny or are in your hookup’s area, you can call them up and jump right into bed. 

Both partners in a casual adult agreement should understand that there are no expectations when they meet up. This basically means that apart from having sex, there aren’t any other responsibilities that you have towards each other. You don’t have to text often, be caring, meet their family, or label yourself as ‘in a relationship’ on social media. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to go on dates be wined and dined or actually get to know each other on a deeper level. There are no emotions involved and it’s purely physical. It’s all about a no-strings attached agreement. 

The Rules

Even though there are no contracts, people going into casual flings know that there isn’t a relationship on the table. There aren’t any future commitments and you won’t be saying ‘I love you’ at any point of time. Learn more about hookups and its unspoken rules here:

Another unspoken rule is that when you hookup with someone, you can’t expect them to see you exclusively. Many people who live their lives by hooking up with casual partners, will most definitely have a few other casual hookups lined up as well. If you decide to engage in this agreement, then you have no right to be jealous or demand that person’s full attention. 

You can either pick one person with who you have a no strings attached sex life or multiple partners every other day. As long as you practice safe sex, you’ll be in the clear and you can make the rules.

The Definition of Hooking Up and Why You Shouldn’t Expect More

Expecting More

Unfortunately, having casual sex without feeling at least something is almost impossible for some people. This is very common amongst people who are only interested in hooking up, at first. When you do want a no strings attached love life, then you should make sure that it is the life that you can truly live. 

Some singles say that they want something casual, when deep down inside they know they actually want a true connection and a decent relationship. The danger you go into when you expect more is that you will end up getting hurt, especially if your casual partner has no intentions of moving into a relationship. 

After spending time with a specific person for a number of days, especially in very intimate situations, you might find yourself catching feelings. If you start catching feelings for the person you’ve been hooking up casually, then you might be in a predicament of high proportions. Read this article to find out what you should do in a scenario like this. 

To save yourself some effort for the future, make sure that both of you are on the same page before engaging in casual sex.

You should both understand that there aren’t any expectations or attachments when it comes to the agreement. 

When you feel like you are starting to expect more, voice your feelings and see what their response is. If they aren’t ready for something a bit more serious, cut all ties and move on. 

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