3 Subscription Services That Promote a Healthier Life

3 Subscription Services That Promote a Healthier Life
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It seems the last thing anyone wants right now is yet another subscription service. We have subscription services for dog toys, glorified TV dinners, and socks. I’m not kidding. You can have your choice of multiple subscription socks services. It is a category that gets more crowded by the day.

Somewhere along the way, companies decided that it was too difficult to sell items one at a time to a lot of satisfied customers. Instead, they sell one item many times to the same customer. It is a failure of repeat business. It became too difficult to get customers to keep coming back because of good products and services.

Subscriptions are a way to lock customers into paying monthly for things. It is a model that almost never works out well for the customer.

As with most things that represent a general rule, there are a few exceptions. There aren’t many. Most subscriptions are bad for you. But some few are actually good for you. If utilized to the fullest, they actually will promote a healthier and happier life.

The key is to understand your needs and not be swayed by marketing copy. Also, be sure there is an easy exit strategy if things don’t work out. Here are a few subscriptions to consider:

Personalized Supplements

We humans are at odds with our environment and have declared all out war on our bodies. That is how it must seem to a dietician who studies what our bodies need vs. what we actually put into it. We need broccoli but crave applesauce. The crave is constantly defeating the need. So we end up deficient in nutritional requirements.

One way to get back on track is via personalized supplements. The good news is that we can get them via a subscription model. It is no different than prescribed maintenance drugs like blood pressure medicine. While the prescription might change over time, one almost never gets off of blood pressure medicine. It is refilled every month or 90 days. It is like a subscription. It is past time we can access personalized supplements in the same, convenient way.

The good news is that you will not necessarily need to be on supplements for the rest of your life. As your chemistry improves, you might be able to maintain a proper nutritional balance with diet, alone. Some people might not be able to process nutrients from food as efficiently as others. So a more aggressive supplement plan might be necessary. The key is to get the supplements that are right for you in as convenient a method as possible. This is one subscription plan you don’t want to miss.

An Exercise Plan

If you want to make health come first in 2021, you will need to start some type of exercise routine. They call it a routine because it is something that has to be done frequently in a clockworks manner. It has to become a habit, then a lifestyle. You will never be done with the need to exercise. That makes it the perfect target for a subscription service.

Apple Fitness Plus is a no-brainer if you already own an Apple Watch. Peloton is perhaps the most popular option because of the hefty commit to pricy hardware. Fans tend to be extremely loyal to the brand. These are not the only services available for exercise classes on demand. Pick your favorite and make it a part of your new, healthier lifestyle.

Any Music Service

Music promotes good health if it is the right kind of music for your particular tastes. Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Tidal, Deezer, and all the rest are big enough to have almost everything you could possibly want. They tend to start at $9.99 per month for all the music you can chair dance to. It is less than buying a single album per month. For music lovers, it is the deal of the century that gets even better for families. Everyone should be prescribed a music streaming service for their mental health.

Feel free to skip most subscriptions. Just don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Supplement subscriptions, exercise class subscriptions, and music subscriptions will keep you healthy and happy for as long as you make the most of them.

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