How Can Playing Bingo Keep Your Mind Active?

How Can Playing Bingo Keep Your Mind Active?
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According to researchers at the Université Bordeaux Ségalen, board games and bingo can reduce the risk of developing dementia in people.

Bingo is a fun, entertaining game that anyone can play. Of course, kids cannot, as it’s a form of gambling!

But nowadays you can enjoy playing this thrilling game with your friends and family anytime, anywhere. It has no learning curve like chess or sudoku. All you need to do is check out some of the best bingo sites listed at to pick a site and play by crossing some numbers on a ticket. 

Did you know playing bingo can have positive effects on your brain?

Many studies show that bingo helps in enhancing your mental wellness. It not only helps with socialization skills among players but also exercises your brain. Bingo can also help those in their twilight years suffering from loneliness and mental health issues such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Here Are Some of The Ways Bingo Can Keep Your Mind Active

Improves Cognitive Functions

According to researchers at the University of Southampton, bingo can sharpen minds. 

They surveyed hundreds of people and divided them into two groups – 18 to 40 and 60 to 82. Half of the players (from each group) played bingo every day for a couple of hours, while the other half never played. Later, to test their cognitive functions, everyone had to perform certain tasks, and those who played bingo outperformed the others. 

Many health professionals also recommend playing bingo to their senior patients to keep their minds alert.

Improves Hand-and-Eye Coordination

Ageing results in deterioration in reflexes and coordination issues, but games like bingo can hone them. It requires skills like hand-and-eye coordination and memory recollection.

Since you need to look and cross the numbers on your bingo tickets quickly, it significantly improves your hand-and-eye coordination. Further, its fast and repetitive nature can help senior people to keep their minds active with better reflexes.

Reduces The Risk of Dementia

According to researchers at the Université Bordeaux Ségalen, board games and bingo can reduce the risk of developing dementia in people. 

They researched 3675 individuals with no signs of dementia. 32.2% of them played bingo regularly. After a 20-year follow-up, the researchers found that the risk of dementia was 15% lower in those who played bingo regularly.

That’s one of the reasons why bingo is played mostly in retirement communities!

But it doesn’t mean that young adults can’t benefit from it. You can also play bingo to keep your mind active and improve your cognitive functions in an engaging, social way.  

Increases Social Participation

Bingo helps you meet new people and engage in social activities. It gives you a chance to share a laugh or the excitement of winning a game together. It helps with social and emotional loneliness (especially for senior people) and reduces health risks like depression and anxiety.

Nowadays, you can also join the bingo-online communities through some of the best bingo sites

listed at and socialize with friendly hosts and players.”


Mostly, people shy away from learning new games, but bingo is so easy that anyone can learn and play. Now that you know, it keeps your mind active, why not try playing it today!

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