How to Make Your House Your Own

How to Make Your House Your Own
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Paint a wall yellow. Yellow is the trendiest of colors this year.

Everyone wants to put their stamp on their home, whether it is a little one or in a huge way. People want to feel like it is their own space and has a nest to be proud of and enjoy spending time in. There is a balance, with how much you can afford to do, how much you want to do and how much is viable. Here are some exciting options to consider when making your house your own.

Statement Piece Radiators

Get rid of your old radiators and get a stylish, block colour radiator set. You can buy everything you need online, from the radiators themselves to all their accessories. Vertical radiators are great if you have high ceilings and want something different to standard. They look amazing and are super modern.

Get Trendy

Marble and granite worktops and golden trims are all the rage this year. Why not make an artistic table. Order a countertop and attach it to a second-hand table. Make sure it is sturdy enough to hold the top. You can spray-paint the legs gold or add accents on the corners of the table using gold hinges.

Paint a wall yellow. Yellow is the trendiest of colors this year. Grab a paint pot and cover your drabbest wall in yellow paint. You won’t regret it, as yellow is said to be the happy color, so you should feel happy every time you look at it. The great thing about this is that you can paint over it next year with the next trending color and have the trendiest of walls.


If you live in rented accommodation, you might not be able to make such big changes. There are still plenty of things you can do to make your house feel like home.

Get removable hooks and hangers and put up shelves that you can easily take down on the walls. This will help you to feel like you have a claim to the place you are living in.

Buy some rugs and plop them around the house. Make sure you move them into different rooms occasionally to add an air of mystery to your situation.

Paint your own furniture, this is yours and you can really bring a space to life with coloured furniture. Make sure that you leave it to dry on newspapers and don’t get paint all over the floor as it can be hard to get off again.

Get Gardening

Build a birdhouse, hang fairy lights and get an outdoor chair and table set. Plant a lot of seeds and grow flowers and food. Growing scented plants can be a great way to make the garden feel like your own personal heaven.

It isn’t that hard to make a full-on outdoor bar. If you like that sort of thing, just get some wood and hammer the structure well into the ground and adjoin to fence posts that have already been placed. Buy some optics and ‘taa daa’, your bar is ready for use! Make sure you use outdoor varnish on the wood to avoid wood rot.

These are our favourite ways to make a house feel like home, but everyone is different, so make sure you are happy in your space.

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