How to Keep Cool This Summer While at the Beach

How to Keep Cool This Summer While at the Beach
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While some enthusiasts of the great outdoors might prefer camping, hiking, fishing, or some other form of exterior indulgence, this post is meant for the surf, sun, and sand lovers that will be filling the beaches this season.

Summer is coming fast and that can mean only one thing; beach trips! For many people, the summertime is their favorite time of the year. Outdoor activities of all kinds are available to those who enjoy spending time in the beauty and serenity that is nature. 

While some enthusiasts of the great outdoors might prefer camping, hiking, fishing, or some other form of exterior indulgence, this post is meant for the surf, sun, and sand lovers that will be filling the beaches this season. 

More specifically, it’s about how to stay properly hydrated and cool. Here are some tips to make sure that you stay comfortable and safe while you are hanging out on the shores this year:

Drink Plenty of Fluids 

Please don’t roll your eyes, we get it. This is the number one rule that you see and hear anytime there are rising temperatures and a blazing sun. Drink more water, juices, sports drinks, and so on. Unfortunately, thousands of beach visitors fail to heed this advice every year, leading to anything from mild dehydration to heatstroke. Don’t be one of them.

Also, be sure to avoid sugary drinks and sodas. And if the grownups in the group are enjoying adult beverages, make sure to mix in water, preferably after every finished drink. Alcohol significantly speeds up the dehydration process when you are out in the heat.

Use Plenty of Sunscreen

Yes, this another one that seems obvious, yet every day on the beach there will be countless visitors who endure minor to severe sunburns simply because they did not want to apply sunscreen. There is no reason to try and look tough when you are dealing with the blistering sun. Slather on that lotion liberally and stay comfortable all day.

Take Regular Breaks From the Sun

Even if you feel perfectly fine, you still need to get out of the sun every so often, especially on all-day trips. Exactly how often you should take a break depends on your personal sensitivity to the sun and heat. If you or your group doesn’t have umbrellas, there are usually cooling stations and other areas located up and down the beach for the sole purpose of hiding from the sun.

Set Up a Beach Umbrella

Of course, if you would just make the effort to invest in the proper beach gear like a Rio umbrella, you wouldn’t have to worry about roasting like a Christmas chestnut. If you are going to spend even just a few hours at a beach or the lake, it only makes sense to bring along a good umbrella to provide a place to sit in the shade and cool down while at the beach.

Bring a Canopy Chair

Canopy chairs are another good way to lower your internal temps when the external ones are rising. These types of outdoor chairs come in many designs and varieties, each with their own unique features and shade/cover options. You can get one that simply has an overhead canopy or one that is entirely encompassed with covering, providing protection from not only the sun but the wind and sand as well.

Wear a Hat

This one may seem much simpler than the umbrella or chair, but if it works, it works! Maybe you just have too much fun when you’re at the beach and you don’t want to break away to get under the shade. 

Or maybe you are one of those people that doesn’t like to sit around when everyone else is enjoying themselves. Whatever the reason, wearing a hat with a brim that covers your face and neck (along with wearing sunscreen) can make a huge difference.

Take a Dip In the Water

One of the easiest ways to cool off quickly is to use the biggest accessory you have available at the beach; the ocean. If the sun is beating down on you harder and hotter as the day goes on, why not slip off into the cooling water and let the waves wash the heat away?

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