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How You Can Have Everything You Dream Of Now

Written by Susan Vernicek

Why should you hold back in fear of someone judging you?

Hello Friend.

No, I’m not just a Mom of Twins who lives in the Poconos. I’m so much more. What about you?

You aren’t just a mom.

You aren’t just a woman.

You aren’t just a wife/partner

You aren’t just an Entrepreneur.

You, me—WE… are a h*ll of a lot more! 

I love what comes out when I get coached by my coach—it’s powerful and desirable. It’s an hour a week that I get to dive deep into my own thought drama and to hash it out with our secret signature work.  

This statement came out in our session.

“Everything I dream is happening. Everything I want and wanted is happening.” 

Then, I immediately said, Oh, if I say that people will think I’m arrogant. WTH. We do this all too often, right? I’m not alone, I’m lucky that I can catch it and navigate through it.  Why should I hold back in fear of someone judging me?

Why should you hold back in fear of someone judging you? 

First, if we do that, we are judging others in that we are assuming they will judge us, LOL. Still with me?

For one thing. I’m a bada$$ Mompreneur, who manifests everything I want. I mean, I manifested TWINS. LOL. Yes, I asked and spoke about having twins for years, and boom. Thank you Universe.

I’m an amazing Mom who sprinkles in fun, freedom, flexibility, quirkiness, discipline, and I load up on love. 

I’m an amazing coach who delivers and meets my clients where they’re at with loads of love, discomfort for growth, awareness, and endless possibilities.

I’m a woman who overcame depression and all sorts of emotional, physical and financial rock bottom. It’s so rewarding to reflect on the success and it’s so possible for you if you want any of that too. 

I manifest the business of my dreams

I manifested a speaking career and earned six figures doing it

I manifested 3 books

I manifested a pretty good husband 🙂

I manifested weightloss

I manifested thousands of clients

I guided transformations in other human beings, like holy sh*t

I sold advertising on my magazine

I closed 40k contracts

I don’t give up

I’m caring

I love red

I love pizza

I love the smell of gasoline, LOL

I love the smell of nature

I love the smell of fall

I love the smell of the ocean

I love coffee

I love a good bloody mary

I love being active

I love to golf

I love to hike

I love to bike

I love to snowboard

I love to try to dance

I love to laugh

I love to coach

I love to teach

I love to support others

I love to love

I love to give back

I love to push limiting beliefs

I love to help Mompreneurs manifest everything they want within their MomLife + BizLife

With all the dreams and goals you want, is it worth holding back if you have a few judgers and haters? 

Are you really willing to throw in the towel over that and give them the power?

Heck no. 

Repeat after me: 

““Everything I dream is happening. Everything I want and wanted is happening.” 

Now, let’s get to work! 😉

Fun Fact. Did you know?

I’m a life and business coach who focuses on MINDSET + ACHIEVEMENT for resourceful, committed, and fun Mompreneurs or Mombosses if you have thought drama around “mompreneur”, I say with love (this will be a podcast too, I digress…)

I can help you.

I’m excited to help you.

You can Enroll in my Mindset + Achieve Course and Coaching program right now! 

See you on the inside!

Sue 🙂

Mindset + Achieve Coaching Program for Mompreneurs

About the author

Susan Vernicek

My name is Susan Vernicek and I ignite and empower Mompreneurs who struggle to discover their balance between MomLife + BizLife. I help them create a winning Mompreneur Mindset so that they can consciously thrive at home and KILL IT in business —without feeling guilty and letting go of the comparison game.

With over 13 years of experience and overcoming my own emotional, financial, and physical rock bottom, I’m now thriving as a Mompreneur myself.

I’m your Mindset Igniter, a #1 Amazon Bestseller, Speaker and Coach. Let’s move you from autopilot to achieving in MomLife + BizLife! To connect directly, please Email me at [email protected]

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