Living With Depression: Taking Back Your Life

Living With Depression: Taking Back Your Life
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Depression is a serious emotion that can literally rob you of your life.

If you experience bouts of depression often and you’re living with despression, you know all too well how it sucks the life from you. You don’t want to get out of bed, spend time with loved ones or do anything. It consumes your mind with overwhelming doubt, doom and hopelessness. If this sounds familiar, you can gain control over your life and get back to being you. 

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

A lack of sleep leaves you awake but in a fog. You remain tired, unfocused and unable to function at 100%. This results in a compromised immune system, mood swings, and health issues. Getting a good night’s rest allows you to better control your emotions and reduce depression.

You can induce sleep using fragrant candles and bath salts with lavender and chamomile and creating a dark, quiet place. If you still have trouble falling into a deep sleep, try natural sleep aid products. You’ll awake refreshed, emotionally stable, and ready to enjoy the day.

Something to Look Forward To  

People who live with depression need purpose in their lives. Find something that excites you and make it a part of your life. If you want to visit other countries and experience different cultures, terrain and culinary, there’s no better time than the present. Book a trip today and make a packing list so you’ll have everything you need. If you like to help those in need, volunteer at a children’s hospital, a soup kitchen or a nearby shelter. You’ll lift your spirits and those around you, too. 

Don’t Remain Alone

Depression often intensifies when you remain isolated. If you live alone, contact a family member or a good friend and make plans to spend an afternoon together. If your family is far away and you don’t have a close friend, go to places where people congregate. The park, the beach, and even the supermarket will help you release negative energy. 

Dance, Exercise and Be Happy

Music and exercise make you feel good inside. That’s because they release hormones called endorphins. They remove negative thoughts and replace them with happy thoughts and accelerated energy. When you feel down and the onset of depression, get up and move. Listen to your favorite music and let the beat sweep you off your feet. 

Improve Money Management

Poor finances can cause stress and anxiety, which lead to depression. Get your finances in order. Create a budget and put your money worries to rest. If you’re over your head in debt, take steps to dig out from under. Stop using your credit cards to supplement your income and start living within your means. 

Benefits of a Pet

Many people who live alone find solace in adopting a pet. It benefits you and the animal you rescue. Dogs make wonderful pets for anyone who lives with depression. They give you someone to care for and provide unconditional love. A few snuggles and you’ll forget your troubles. A dog also needs walks, a perfect way to get you out of the house each day. 

Drugs and Alcohol Aren’t the Answer

You may turn to drugs and alcohol to help you escape reality. However, they only offer a temporary solution and can lead to a lifetime of codependency. Instead, it’s better to face your troubles head-on. If you can’t remove the feelings of depression, seek professional help from experts like those at Mission Harbor Behavioral Health. There’s no shame in seeing a therapist.

They are there to unlock deep and festering emotions. Seeing someone may help you release trapped feelings preventing you from experiencing happiness.

Depression is a serious emotion that can literally rob you of your life. Thankfully, there are things you can do to reduce it and find happiness. If your bouts of depression are severe, consult your doctor or see a therapist as soon as possible.

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