Why Le Corbusier Chairs are so popular

Why Le Corbusier Chairs are so popular
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When Le Corbusier and his team were coming up with the design they had a minimalistic idea in mind.

Le Corbusier, the legendary architect, is greatly revered for his innovativeness in his building designs. His designs were so far ahead of his time that they are still being used today. He wasn’t limited to only buildings, he also dabbled in furniture designs. The now popular Le Corbusier chairs are part of his great works.

The chairs were first designed in the late 1920s but are very present in modern interior decor. Here are some of the reasons why their popularity seems to be growing every day.

Simplistic Design

When Le Corbusier and his team were coming up with the design they had a minimalistic idea in mind. They were looking for something simple that was easy on the eyes and functional. Referring back to the grand comfort or LC-3. It is simply a cuboid-like armchair made from leather and steel rods.

Good Taste

For any discerning interior designer, good taste is all that matters. The simplistic design of the Le Corbusier chairs allows for subtlety and harmony within the walls of a home. There is no room for tackiness. Le Corbusier chairs bring out a sense of elegance and grace. 

Build For Comfort 

Taking the examples of the LC-2 and LC-3, the two chairs were made to be as comfortable as a chair can be. Using Le Corbusier’s words, he referred to them as cushion baskets. A combination of high-density foam cushions that are held together with a steel rod corset.


The Le Corbusier chairs are not limited to home use. They are now present in offices and other public spaces. The chairs are great for public areas because they tend to take up less space and with their durable upholstery they are quite easy to maintain. The leather cover is soft and not too stiff that offers a very durable protective coating making it perfect for commercial spaces or high traffic areas where high chances of wear and tear can easily occur.

Iconic Silhouette 

The present state of humanity is that paying homage to the greats is part of the culture. The chairs that have been in the market for more than 80 years have remained unchanged. The iconic hollowed-out chrome-plated steel frame is what makes these chairs an untimely classic.

Easy In Customizing 

Everyone has their favorite color combinations that tend to work for them. With the Le Corbusier chairs, the ease with which you can make the chair fit your desired palette is unrivaled. Do you want a red le corbusier chair? You got it. The leather material used can also be changed to fit your demands. There are a variety of options which might include Italian leather, aniline leather, or vintage leather.

MainStream Culture 

These chairs have gained notable recognition to the point at which they have gotten a permanent spot at the Museum of modern art. To show that these chairs have become a global phenomenon. They have been used in notable events. For example the unveiling of the iPad. The CEO of the Apple company sat in a classic Le Corbusier as he introduced the new Apple product.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

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