Planning a Relaxing Girls Night

Planning a Relaxing Girls Night
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find that time as you juggle the rest of life’s responsibilities, try and make it a priority to have a relaxing night in with you and your besties.

Summer can feel chaotic for so many of us. During the rest of the year, even though our schedules may be stricter, we have work, family obligations, and the kids have school and their extracurriculars, there seems to be more structure during those months.

With summertime, it can sometimes feel like an absolute free-for-all, with more “relaxed” schedules buttons of playdates and other outdoor extracurriculars that your kids are involved in. 

Unless they’re headed off to some camps for a week or two, getting that much-needed “you” time to relax can be hard to come by. Fortunately, most of us have the proverbial village, so it could be high time that you asked someone to take the kiddos off your hands for the night and have a fun night in with your friends and relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Here’s a list of things to prepare so you all can enjoy and reconnect after what we all know has been a long year and half. 

First Things Food 

First things first, the menu has to be on point. With the hustle and bustle of running a household, sometimes our dinners and snacks are more “kid-friendly” and less what we want to eat. Not tonight! Make a mouth-watering spread of your and your friend’s favorites! Don’t skimp when it comes to crafting the perfect charcuterie board (you know everyone’s going to be snapping photos for their social media). So, go all out.

An equally fun summertime activity involves creating fruit and vegetable boards or bowls. You can lay out some magnificent plates of fruits (think of many colors to achieve the artistic culinary vibe you’re going for) and garnish with edible flowers. This elevation is relaxing to put together, not to mention gives your get-together a luxurious spa-like feeling. 

Drinks Menu

While it’s important to include fresh bottled or sparkling water for your friends that won’t be partaking in alcohol, having a fun drink menu adds a flair to any girl’s night. Try to keep it simple, though, so you’re not playing bartender all night. With the hot weather having some chilled bottles or rose or whites is an easy way to go.

Or, you could come up with your own one or two signature drinks for you and your friends. A simple mint julep compliments the season or really any liquor, some seltzer, and a splash of Campari. However you want to go, it’s best to keep it simple. 

Another option for friends that may be dry but want to take the edge off and enhance their relaxation is some CBD edibles they can enjoy. If you don’t want to present them as an option for the evening, they will make a great goodie bag treat as you’re saying goodbye for the night. And, it goes without saying that if your friends are enjoying a little too much of the drink menu, the girl’s night needs to turn into a sleepover, as it’s never, ever acceptable to drink and drive. 

Game Night

Games are not just for kids! The world of the adult board, card, and party games have come a long way – and you don’t even have to visit a specialty shop or scourge the internet trying to find them! Fun additions to a relaxing adult get-together are easily found at big box stores like Target and can really throw the party back into gear if it hits a lull as some parties can. If you are working with a tighter budget, a little “Truth or Dare” or “Never Have I Ever” never hurt anyone, either!

Favor Flavor 

Remember when you were a child and got a party favor bag when you left another kid’s party? Gosh, wasn’t it the best? Who says we can’t do that as adults? As mentioned above, the CBD edibles or gummies would be a great addition to such a favor bag. But, since the name of the game with the party was about reconnection and relaxation, some other great ideas to include in the favor bag are bath bombs, essential oils, a small bottle of wine, calming tea flavors, you get the idea. 

Hopefully, this summer is already a relaxing one for you, but if you’re struggling to find that time as you juggle the rest of life’s responsibilities, try and make it a priority to have a relaxing night in with you and your besties. Cheers!

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