How to Start Your Day With an Optimistic View

How to Start Your Day With an Optimistic View
Written by Christina Moore

Regardless of your mental health, waking up with an optimistic outlook can be something that is difficult to achieve for anyone. If you are having trouble being optimistic in the morning, or if you just think it would make your days that much better by starting out optimistic, here are a few ways you can bring that positivity in easily:

A Warm Bath

A warm bath is something that will calm your mind at any time of the day. If you want to start your day with the most positive look on life, you might get a lot out of a warm bath in the morning. Turn on your bathtub faucets and let the warm water pour into your tub. Add some bubbles to make it a luxurious bath.

If you don’t have the time for a warm bath when you wake up, you can do a warm shower inside. Light a candle to give yourself the right scent in your atmosphere, and just soak in the heat.

A Nice Cup of Coffee

Having a nice cup of coffee, maybe something you already do, can help you have an optimistic outlook on the day ahead of you. When you are sitting in your car, in the coffee shop, or at home with a nice cup of coffee, you are able to take a minute to soak in the delicious taste. If the cup of coffee that you are making or ordering doesn’t make you a happier and more positive person, then you should try getting something else for a few days. Just changing up that coffee routine will instantly make you feel better.

Reading Positive News Articles

When you read something negative first thing in the morning, you don’t have a good outlook for the rest of the day. Even if you feel fine or even happy, your mind is still thinking of that sad or upsetting news story that you read or watched when you woke up. The best way to avoid this feeling is to read something positive. Ignore the problems in the world long enough for you to be ready for the day, and then you can catch up on the big events that you missed when you went to bed last night.

Reminding Yourself of Everything You Are Grateful For

Start your day by thinking about what you are grateful for. This will keep those things in your mind throughout the entire day. Think about your family, friends, pets, favorite food or shows, anything that makes you happy. This will help you later in the day when you are feeling upset because your brain will remember those things and thank you for thinking of them by making you feel a little better.

It’s easier to get through a hard day when you remember why you are doing it in the first place. It might be something like being able to pay for drinks at the bar with friends later this week, or being excited to see your cat climb that new cat tree you’ve saved up for. These things are friendly reminders to your brain that help you be more positive.

Enjoying a Nice Meal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it count. I know it can be easier to start your day with a small biscuit or an apple, but you really need to set yourself up with something fulfilling and nutritious so that you are able to make it through the entire day with no issue. When you are full of delicious and healthy food, you are able to handle more stress-inducing situations because you aren’t hungry.

Tell Yourself That It Is Going to Be a Great Day (Even if You Don’t Believe It)

This is very important. You have to start your day with a positive message to yourself. Above everything else that is listed, you need to believe that you are going to have a good day and the best way to do that is to lie to yourself about it. Even if you aren’t in a good mood, telling yourself that you are is a great way to start the day. It will convince your brain to change the way it is thinking, and you will have a good day.

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