Top 12 Holiday Gifts for the Signs to the Stars

Top 12 Holiday Gifts for the Signs to the Stars
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Look to the stars for the perfect gift according to their sign!

It’s holiday gift season and you may be unsure what to get your bestie. Don’t you worry, we’ve gathered a look to the stars for the perfect gift according to your besties sign!

All astrology lovers will love our curated list of gifts for each zodiac. Take a look at Top 12 Holiday Gifts for the Signs to the Stars to add to your holiday shopping list.

Holiday Gifts for Aries

Aries: MAGIC Mornings

Price: $29.99

A headstrong sign of the zodiac who know what they want and go after it! To gift the bold and courageous, think bright and bold! Gift the gift of MAGIC. The journal is the ideal routine of Meditate, Affirmation, Gratefulness, Intention, and Coffee to help others create significant change in their lives. Watch goal come to fruition, experience overall peace, and believe in your purpose through her crafted templates to understand themselves better. Practice journaling each morning for a more present, mindful, and energized day. A tool to help ambitious Aries reach their goals!

Taurus: Kiki Earrings

Price: $22

If you have a Taurus friend in your life, you will not want to skimp out. The laid-back and reliable sign of the zodiac makes the best pals. This earth sign loves luxurious sentimentality, so treat your pal to a pair of one-of-a-kind Taurus Horns Hoops to show off their true nature! Grab the bull by the horns, and take a look at this fine selection!


Gifts for Gemini- GLAZD Jewels


Price: Varies

The Gemini exudes immense energy, and they deserve a gift that matches! GLAZD JEWELS is proof that it’s possible to buy tarnish-free jewelry without spending hundreds of dollars. Offering timeless pieces in various unique designs, wearers will find classic items, such as gold necklaces and sparkling rings that are fun, hypoallergenic, and water-resistant. For everyday wear or special occasions, the jewelry comfortably fits today’s lifestyles. GLAZD JEWELS has pieces to make any outfit pop. The affordable luxury brand is perfect for adding glam to any style, from casual to dressy. All jewelry is Sterling Silver 925 and Stainless Steel. From rings to necklaces and bracelets, this will become a staple piece all Gemini’s will be wearing this holiday season.


Cancer: Kailu

Price: $165-$575

The ultimate strong but sensitive sign of the zodiac, this water sign, is all about the gift that makes them feel loved and comforted. Cancer loves to curl up with a soft blanket and binge holiday movies with their loved ones! This season, gift them a raw silk duvet set so they can slip into bed feeling special and cozy. Kailu uses specialized raw silk to make the most luxurious bedding to make everyone feel comfortable in style!

Top 12 Holiday Gifts for the Signs to the Stars

Leo: Aimee Kestenberg Fair Game Hobo

Price: Varies

Leo is all about making a roar wherever they go! Natural-born leaders and social butterflies love to show off all their flair and style to those around them. Known for loving the finer things in life, you can never go wrong with gifting them high-end luxury. Aimee Kesternberg designed for functionality and style to display cutting-edge innovation and fearless femininity, just like the royal sign of the zodiac. With the softest leather that is made with our signature glove-tanned leather. Featuring three exterior pockets: slip pocket, pocket with snap & front zip pocket for the unmatched organization in style. A gift that will get better as the holidays come and go. The perfect gift for the audacious Leo in your life!

Gifts for Virgo Signs

Virgo: Ivory Paper Co.

Price: $49

Unlike the bougie Leo, Virgos are simplistic and pragmatic signs. Their earthy nature likes to mend practicality and thoughtfulness in a gift. Due to their superior organization skills and keen sensibility, a beautifully designed planner is the ideal present for them! It allows them to show their creativity while keeping their life on track. They can show off their sense of self through a selection of aesthetically pleasing planners and notebooks. Their idea of the best form of self-care during their busy lives!

Reeway Footwear - Holiday Gift

Libra: REEWAY Footwear

The balanced sign of the zodiac! They are a perfect mix of enjoying luxurious and small sentimental gifts. They enjoy immersing themselves in all the fun life has to offer and soaking in creating memories with loved ones. Their compassionate and bubbly personality makes them best suited for an interchangeable sneaker that never goes out of style.

A multi-style sneaker with over 1,000 customized designs to choose from makes it easy to show off Libra’s vibrant personality in style.

Great for wearing on fun outings with friends, making memories, and taking new Instagram pics!

Evil Eye Beauty Cream-Holiday Gift

Scorpio: Evil Eye Beauty The Complete Set

Price: $118.00

Look out for Scorpio! They’re sassy and filled with passion. Known for being as bougie as the fiery Leo, they take pride in their appearance and enjoy feeling good about themselves. Evil Eye Beauty provides you with a simple four-step skincare routine with The Complete Set! Including a gentle exfoliating cleanser, midnight purifying clay mask, nourishing moisture cream, and super seaweed serum, feel your skin glow and ward off all negative energies. Made in the USA, this luxury and cruelty-free skincare brand is inspired by the notable amulet of the Evil Eye, whose goal is to provide skin protection and a foundation for overall skin health! Evil Eye Beauty uses unique ingredients like Moroccan Lava Clay, Belize Seaweed, and Geranium Extract to tackle skin pollutants, acne, and aging gently and effectively.

Pear Jewelry Gifts

Sagittarius: Delicora Pearl Power Collection

Price: $32 – $98

A fun, lively, and spontaneous sign with an upbeat personality! These elegant pearls with a boho twist are the way to accessorize and show off Sagittarius’s extroverted personality this holiday season! Delicora presents their latest Pearl Power Collection. Whether you’re in a chunky sweater or little black dress, these unique pieces provide the perfect finishing touch. Aligned with the quality standards, this unique collection is made using hypoallergenic 14k gold filled and sterling silver materials for even sensitive skin to enjoy. Delicora prides itself on its charitable DNA. For every piece sold, 20 meals are donated to fighting hunger through Feeding America. A beautiful gift that gives back! 

amethyst crystal candle

Capricorn: Zalenas 

Price: $45

Since Capricorn season falls right before and after the holidays, they are often forgotten and miss out on getting extra love and attention for their birthday. Show your favorite earth sign how loved and appreciated they are for all their hard work by gifting a beautiful, amethyst crystal candle in Flourishing Garden! The mixture of light musk and jasmine, with amethyst crystals, sets the mood for any overworked Cap looking to wind down from a busy day!

personalized bracelet

Aquarius: Names for Good

Price: $20-$70

Known for being the generous and independent yet unpredictable sign of the zodiac, give the gift to celebrate their Aquarius’s personality! A personalized bracelet that also helps give back to those in need is the perfect present for this air sign. Made from beautiful and high-quality gemstones, you can’t go wrong with a unique present.

The Pamper Box

Pamper Box from BOXED Gift Co. 

Price: $100

A small bundle of self-care for the sensitive and kind, Pisces! The Pamper Box includes Root Natural Soap Sand Soaking Salts, Nizhoni Diosa Floral Sage Smudge Bundle, a Rose Quartz Facial Roller, Root Natural Soap Pink Rose Clay Mask, a Dry Body Brush, and Essie Blush Nail Lacquer in a Keepsake Kraft Box. The gift boxes are hand-packed, wrapped carefully, and include a custom handwritten note inside to make all Pisces feel cared for just as they care for others!

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