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Support Female Authors this holiday season by gifting a book or two!

Now more than ever is the best time to support women in business, especially female Authors! Gifting a book or two is a great way to support the women in your life.

Below you’ll find a variety of books from creative female Authors in our community, let’s show them some holiday love and support!

In Get All A’s in the Game of Life: Entrepreneur Edition, Susan Vernicek shares words of wisdom from a diverse group of women entrepreneurs for the purpose of nurturing and motivating readers to move forward.

This book of quotes and other useful tidbits are a source of fuel and comfort: a wellspring that female entrepreneurs can draw upon over and over.

This book was conceived as a tailored tool to help readers optimize their experience as business owners and master multi-tasker, with lessons learned and paths taken by none other than fellow female entrepreneurs.

Stop Overworking and Start Overflowing

Stop Overworking and Start OverFlowing

What if you had a way to understand everything about yourself and your life. . .
. . . information that made all the puzzle pieces fall into place and all the past moments finally make sense?

This book is your guidebook to that kind of transformation.

25 powerful coaches, healers, and practitioners have come together to share their Human Design stories, experiences, and life-changing tools with you. Human Design is a combination of ancient and modern science, and provides profound insight into your human nature, ultimately assisting you in every decision you might make in your life.

The goal is to bring you more passion, purpose, ease, and joy. Because doesn’t everyone want the secrets to that kind of goodness? Grab your copy now!

Make Space For Magic

Have you lost track of what makes you happy?

Do you feel exhausted by life and overwhelmed with your responsibilities? Do you find yourself longing for the energy and sense of possibility you once had?

In Make Space for Magic, coach and motivational speaker Patty Lennon walks you through the steps to feeling alive again.

A former type-A corporate banker, Patty recounts her journey from having “everything” and still feeling empty inside to experiencing a deep sense of joy and inner peace. Through personal stories and divinely guided tips, she shows you how to create your own magic and live a life of abundance. In this book, you’ll discover

★How to receive love from humans and spirit guides.

★Why your brain is programmed to block success, and how to release those blocks.

★The myths and mistruths that are taught in the spiritual and personal development worlds.

★Simple ways to connect to spirit guides, angels, and loved ones.

★How to create a deeper connection with yourself.

Whether you are brand new to spiritual and personal development work or consider yourself an expert, this book will show you a new way to manifest the life of your dreams.


Give yourself the gift of health: 

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. Chitra Rochlani is a NASM certified CPT, CES, and Precision Nutrition coach who believes in making healthy eating easy and accessible to all. 

She has compiled 50 clean and healthy vegetarian recipes into an easy-to-download recipe eBook and believes that it is a perfect way to get those veggies in. The recipes in this eBook are quick and easy – perfect for the busy holiday season. Click here to download yours today.

Cheers: Breaking the silence … one voice at a time

Can alcohol ruin the lives of those you love? Cheers is an anthology of real-life stories about the people behind alcoholism, told by the sons, daughters, wives, husbands, parents, and friends affected by it, and by alcoholics themselves. ‘Cheers’, is a book with a message!

It also gives information about where to go for help. Many people experience shame and isolation. They rather not talk about the alcohol abuse of someone they love. The short, accessible stories in ‘Cheers’ will be recognizable by many people. This recognition can be an important incentive to seek help. This is an international problem and Cheers contains the stories of people throughout Europe.

The powerful stories can also help healthcare workers, who often mainly focus on the alcoholic, understand that those who are affected by an alcoholic often also suffer health problems, either through physical or verbal abuse and certainly because of the stress this creates. This is an excellent book for doctors and nurses too to get a better understanding of this widespread problem.

Everyone has shit-Jessica-levin-book

Everyone Has Sh*T: Unsolicited Advice for Being Human

Practical advice. Raw honesty. A sprinkle of charming sarcasm. Everyone Has Sh*t is everyone’s story told through a combination of scientific research, authentic examples, and personal insight. In her second book, Levin illustrates that a positive spirit, kindness, common sense, and a little help from our friends are the tools you need to manage everyday life.

Her down-to-earth style is engaging and realistic as she directly tackles sensitive issues with compassion. This isn’t a book about how to live the perfect existence. Instead, it’s a guide to rolling with the punches while keeping your sense of humor intact, relationships in check, and most importantly, taking care of yourself. Unsolicited or not, this book is a roadmap to navigating life as a human being.

The Secret Diaries Of a Female Entrepreneur

What really goes on behind the screen of a successful female entrepreneur… Is it really how it looks on Instagram?


Entrepreneurship is tough! Some days are more painful than chewing glass and that’s why not everyone makes it in business.

We are living in a time when it is too easy as a female entrepreneur to compare our reality and real-time results with other people’s social media highlights and exaggerations.

It is important to draw inspiration from people who already have what we are working to create but it is also painfully demotivating to only receive one side of the story. In this book, 20 incredible women share their journey to success completely unfiltered.

Each woman is different in their approach to business and has experienced challenges in different ways.

They share their stories of breakthroughs and break them down so that you, the reader, can learn from their mistakes and take solace in the fact that you are not alone in your struggle to greatness.

Authors – Amanda Savory, Aminah Michelle, Andrea Walters, Cristel Mydske, Edmonda Visser, Ellie Webb, Gillian Devine, Jo Wood, Laura Deletant, Lauren Gardner, Ling Agaran, Louise Hanson, Natalia Edelmann, Nicole Prentice, Petra Barros, Rebecca Morris-Eyton, Sandy Brittany, Sarah Wilkinson, Suzanne Marshall, Victoria Williams.

Link to buy: LINK (Disclaimer:  If you make a purchase using this ink Natalia Edelmann may earn commission as an Amazon Affiliate at no extra cost to you.) 


Jolene was one of six chicks who hatched on April 30, 2021. Jolene’s egg was blue as opposed to all the other eggs which were either brown or white.

Her egg was also unusually thick and ultimately she required assistance hatching which was an extremely delicate operation, as a young chick must be removed from their egg with the utmost care due to the fact that their blood vessels can still be attached to the inner membrane.

The hatch was successful, and her tiny wet body was placed immediately in the incubator. Within a few hours, her brothers and sisters were up and about, however, Jolene was still crouched over in a tiny fluffy ball.

We soon realized that one of her legs was bent awkwardly underneath her body. Further research showed that the disability that she was born with is known of as perosis, or a slipped tendon. Specifically, the tendon that runs down the back of her leg had slipped to the side, pulling her foot and lower leg upward and out to the side.

Jolene was able to hop around and was a sweet and happy bird all her life. Her best friend in the world was her sister Christopher. Sadly, Jolene passed away on May 27, 2021. She leaves behind a legacy of love and acceptance that outlasted her brief but beautiful life.

We are grateful to Jolene for teaching us how to speak to children about how each one of us is different, unique and beautiful.

So many people have contributed their talent and energy to this story. Through a previous campaign we raised enough to print 300 copies of this book which will be given as gifts to children this holiday season.

Being able to professionally publish this story is the next exciting chapter! Thank you for your donation. More about Jolene can be found at

Now it’s your turn to spread the holiday spirit by supporting female Authors!

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