5 Leading Trends for Must-Have Christmas Toys 2021

5 Leading Trends for Must-Have Christmas Toys 2021
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Go beyond the leading must-have trends, our advice is sure to help…

It’s not easy staying on trend for the leading must-have Christmas toys, right? Either way, Christmas is a magical time for children and the one thing they most look forward to is Santa delivering their favorite toys!

If you’re not sure what to buy your little one, and they haven’t really written a list for Santa, follow these leading trends for must-have Christmas toys in 2021. We’re sure the kids will love them! 

Ride around town with ride-on cars!

Children’s ride on cars are a leading trend to watch out for this Christmas. Toys have developed far beyond what we might’ve had in our youth, and now ride-on cars can be completely electric – the most fun way for your child to travel around! Invest in children’s ride-on cars from RiiRoo and watch as they develop much-needed motor skills that can even assist in adulthood. 

Barbie is back in style

With the recent resurgence of 90s fashion trends, even children are taking part in this comeback. Barbie is back in style! We remember the Barbie of our childhood, and Barbie remains just as well-loved today.

Check out the new career dolls, which inspires your child to be anything they want to be! With an increasing sense of diversity, Barbie is a good role model and a must-have Christmas toy. 

The hottest plush, cuddly toys this year

With the recent introduction (and viral popularity!) of Squishmallows, plush toys have skyrocketed to the top of every child’s Christmas list. The Soft, cuddly, and cozy toys are a definite must-have and will be appreciated by your little one far beyond next Christmas. 

This Christmas, we’re all about magic

The best toy for this Christmas must be the Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron. Unlike any magical toy we’ve seen before, children can watch as magic comes to life before their very eyes! Add the ingredients, wave a wand, and mist will start to rise from the cauldron; spelling up a super cool toy that your child will love. 

Inspire your child with science

STEM toys have always been wonders of design and innovation. To this day, they remain highly popular and leading trends show this will not change this Christmas! Take the GraviTrax toys, for example. Allowing children to explore cool concepts such as gravity and magnetism in a fun-filled way, is brilliant for their enjoyment, as much as it is for their cognitive development. 

Go beyond the leading must-have trends, our advice is sure to help…

Of course, there are many toys that your child will love this Christmas. These leading trends aren’t the only ones! We all have long-held favorites such as Lego, and these too would be great under the Christmas tree. 

The magic of Christmas lies in writing lists to Santa. Following such ‘wish lists’ is a sure way to make your little ones happy this Christmas. 

Buying presents for Christmas and finding gifts that the kids will love can be quite a difficult and stressful challenge. But, it doesn’t have to be. Follow our guidance, and Christmas will be a breeze.

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