Topic: Everything You Need To Know About Solo Sex

Topic: Everything You Need To Know About Solo Sex
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Solo sex and orgasms have a whole range of mental and physical health benefits.

Solo sex is a safer form of sex that can be done by one person or consensually with another (mutual masturbation). If you’re feeling like you want to explore your sexual pleasure, or you just want to find out more about masturbation and why you should continue doing it, then read on to find out everything you need to know about solo sex including what it is, health benefits, side effects and more.

What Is Solo Sex?

Solo sex (or masturbation) is the act of touching and rubbing parts of your body for sexual self-pleasure. People find sexual stimulation by touching their breasts, clitoris, vulva, anus, penis or scrotum with their hands, pillows or aids such as Mega Pleasure sex toys. Solo sex is common in all ages from childhood all the way to adulthood by people of any gender.

It’s a healthy and natural way to explore your body, find what you like sexually and how to achieve an orgasm. Masturbation is personal to everyone, and the frequency and style of masturbation that each person engages in is unique to them. 

Health Benefits Of Solo Sex

Solo sex and orgasms have a whole range of mental and physical health benefits. The act of masturbation releases certain hormones which can boost your mood and relieve stress. It also enhances sleep quality; helps you relax and enhances self-esteem and body image. Physical health benefits of engaging in solo sex are alleviating pain, relieving menstrual cramps, boosting libido, and improving the condition of your skin.

Side Effects Of Solo Sex

Although solo sex doesn’t tend to cause any harmful physical side effects, for some, solo sex may conflict with their religious, spiritual, or cultural beliefs leaving them to experience feelings of guilt. It’s important to remember that masturbation is not immoral, wrong, or shameful.

Solo sex, in some cases, may become an addiction that affects daily life such as missing work, school, or important social events, and can even interrupt a person’s daily functioning. It’s important if you feel any mental side effects from masturbation that you get in touch with a sexual health therapist. 

Myths Around Solo Sex

Even now, there are many myths and taboos circulating about solo sex and why you shouldn’t do it. Health problems like infertility, blindness, mental health issues, sexual perversion, hairy palms etc. have long been blamed on solo sex. Most of these claims aren’t backed up by science and there is often no evidence to show that masturbation can cause any of these health issues. 


Solo sex and sexual exploration of your own body is a healthy and important part of life. People of all ages and genders engage in solo sex for many reasons, such as stress relief, boosting libido, or just because they feel like it!

You should never feel shame in self-pleasure or using sex toys. Solo sex is an act that is completely personal to each individual and no one should be ashamed or feel shame for it.

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