Top Mistakes Horse Buyers Make

Top Mistakes Horse Buyers Make
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If you are buying a horse from the internet, do not agree to purchase until you have met the horse in person.

Owning a horse is a constant learning curve, teaching you new things about your four-legged friend every day. Whether you are about to become a first-time horse owner or you are looking for a new addition, make sure you make the right decision for yourself and your goals.

With so much to consider in the buying process, make it an easier one by considering these common mistakes and avoiding them.

Get ahead of the game

When you have a new horse on their way, make sure you have a stock of everything you will need to hand before they arrive. By having the best horse stable rugs to keep them warm, plenty of bedding to last you until your next shopping trip and food to meet their nutritional needs, reduce the worry of not having the daily care you need.

Don’t trust photos

If you are buying a horse from the internet, do not agree to purchase until you have met the horse in person. As with everything you see online, it is hard to trust any photo listings as they can hide any truths or worse, be a completely different horse. Similarly, you may also be pleasantly surprised when you visit a horse in person who you wouldn’t have thought would be a good fit, making first impressions change completely!

Find a reputable seller

There are so many sellers who are selling for all of the wrong reasons, failing to disclose all of the necessary information in order to make a quick sale. Finding someone who is honest about the horse will mean you know what to expect so ask around to ensure you can trust them.

Consult a professional

Unless you are an experienced expert in the industry, it is likely that you will be unable to spot certain issues or warning signs which could be enough to sway your decision. Bringing a professional along when you are visiting a potential horse is incredibly worthwhile, allowing them to ask the relevant questions and look out for certain things which you wouldn’t have thought to do, such as health issues or behavioural concerns.

Be realistic about the suitability

Everyone is different and abilities will differ from owner to owner. Picking a horse that aligns with your goals is important to ensure that not only are you happy, but that your horse is able to get the levels of care and attention that they need. For example, if you are an inexperienced rider, a younger horse who requires a high level of training is unlikely to be able to manage the demand.

See for yourself

If you are interested in a horse that has claimed to have had a history of competing and shown, make sure to put this to the test before you commit to buy. To see if you are a good match and if you are likely to be able to handle the horse, ask to see them be shown or attend schooling how to see them in action.

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