Your Glimmering Dreams

Glimmering Dreams
I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.
Written by Susan Vernicek

and abundance within your MomLife + BizLife

When I look at my tree lights glimmering between the branches just like this photo,  I see depth, possibility, dreams, opportunities, and abundance. 

I hear the laughter between June and Cade, the jokes between our family, and the joy our little family of four has been creating year after year. Sure, there are moments where our lights dim, but most days they shine bright. 

Glimmering Dreams

I choose another year to focus on the depth of the lights and lose myself in the glimmer of dreams for without these dreams, I don’t create because I lose myself in the mundane. 

I am inspired, willing, and brave.
I am curious, courageous, and compassionate for those who need me.

I know you’re ready too. You’re ready to break your beliefs and dream up what’s possible for you and your Mompreneur life. You’re ready to feel fabulous in your mind, body, and business.  

You’re inspired, willing, and brave too.
You’re curious, courageous and that’s all you need to start. 

Create Glimmering Dreams

Give yourself the gift of depth, dreams, possibility, and abundance within your MomLife + BizLife

It’s your time, no more waiting. You can be a fabulous woman, partner, Mom, and Boss!

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About the author

I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.

Susan Vernicek

Mindset Coach, Susan Vernicek ignites and empowers Mompreneurs who struggle to discover their balance between MomLife + BizLife. For over a decade she's been helping them create a winning Mompreneur Mindset so that they can consciously thrive at home and KILL IT in business —without feeling guilty and letting go of the comparison game.

With 14 years of experience and overcoming her own emotional, financial, and physical rock bottom, she's now thriving as a Mompreneur.

She's not just a mindset coach and igniter, she's known as the Mindset + Achieve™ coach, a #1 Amazon Bestseller, and Speaker. Move from autopilot to achieving in MomLife + BizLife! To connect directly, please Email Susan at

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