Can You Buy THC Vape Oil With Bitcoins?

Can You Buy THC Vape Oil With Bitcoins
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Nowadays, THC vape oil is increasing among the masses. It is necessary to know what it is, where you can buy it, and how it affects you. THC vaping is ideal for chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. Some studies suggest that THC has accounted for reducing nausea too.

What Is THC Vape Oil?

THC vape liquid is comparable to CBD oil in many ways, except it contains THC concentrate. THC is one of the cannabinoids prevalent in Cannabis sativa plants, and it is this chemical that causes you to become high. An excessive dosage of THC is now illegal in the United States, including the goods containing it. Only products containing less than 0.03% of THC are federally legal. 

Industrialists obtain THC from hemp (also known as marijuana’s distant cousin). Currently, legal THC products constitute delta-8, an isomer compound of delta-9. 

Why Is THC Vape Oil Popular?

Cannabis consumption is possible in many ways. You could smoke it, vape it, dab it, and even eat it as gummies. The most preferred method of consumption is either smoking or vaping. As of now, vape users have been increasing steadily. As per the National Institute for Drug Abuse for Teens, most of its users are teens and young adults, especially 12th graders. 

THC vape oil is gaining popularity because:

Mode of Consumption

Users have often preferred smoking it, but looking at the severe adverse effects of smoking, people are slowly shifting to vaping. The smoking method involves the combustion of dried plants and letting the residue go into your lungs, which is harmful. On the other hand, vaping THC oil consists in extracting the oil, which the users inhale as vapor. Users are enjoying this new technique as it offers less risk than smoking.

The High

THC vape oil is a high concentration of THC. Therefore, it is bound to give a better and more intense high. This particular oil only constitutes THC. A natural flower contains other cannabinoids, too, hence, giving a less potent joy than vape oil. As a result, the full benefits of THC are obtained.


Yes, one of the main reasons why THC vape oil is trending is because of the benefits it has to offer. Many use it for its recreational properties. However, people also use it as a medicinal drug. THC vape oil helps people with;

  • Chronic pain

Chronic pain is discomfort lasting for more than 12 weeks. The pain might be intense or mild, and it can feel like it is burning or hurting in the afflicted areas. It can be constant or intermittent, appearing and disappearing for no apparent reason. Chronic pain may strike almost any portion of the body. In the many afflicted locations, the pain might feel different. An underlying health problem can occasionally cause discomfort.

  • Appetite loss

You do not have the same drive to eat as you used to if you have lost your appetite. Some signs of low hunger are not wanting to eat, unintended weight loss, and not feeling hungry. The feeling of sickness at the prospect of eating followed by vomit is also familiar.  

  • Nausea

It is the feeling of being sick to your stomach and vomiting. Nausea might signify that the stomach contents are about to be thrown up. There are several reasons for the illness, and it is frequently preventable. 

  • Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of fear and nervousness. One of the key causes of anxiety is stress. For instance, you are likely to feel anxious when faced with a difficulty at work or before taking an important test. A few signs of anxiety include sweating, increased heartbeats, and rapid breathing.

  • Insomnia

Insomnia is a typical sleep disorder. Insomniacs find it troubling to fall asleep, stay asleep, or cannot sleep at all. This condition requires treatment as it could affect both work and personal lives. 

From Where Could You Get THC Vape Oil?

There are more than 100 different vendors over the internet. It is necessary to buy your THC vape oil from a trusted and certified vendor. As observed, there are a few leading brands that we have listed below. They are;

  • Exhale Wellness
  • Delta Effex
  • Bud Pop
  • Vaping360

Could You Buy THC Vape Oil Using Bitcoin?

Yes, you could buy THC vape oil using Bitcoins. Many websites accept cryptocurrency. It may be because cryptocurrency has been getting more popular with each day passing. 

Accepting Bitcoins has benefitted the buyers. Due to Bitcoin’s decentralized exchange, buyers can retain their anonymity. Several banks exempt operators or buyers from dealing with transactions related to Cannabis products. The introduction to cryptocurrency has solved this issue. 

Many websites are offering this deal. We will save you the hassle as we have mentioned below a few of the most popular brands that accept Bitcoin payments.

  • Orange Pharma Concentrates
  • THC Vape Juice
  • Vape&Juice
  • Baiyoke Buffet
  • Gourban

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was released in 2008 and has been in circulation since then. It is a decentralized currency using peer-to-peer technology to operate without central intermediaries. Since it is decentralized, no institution or government has authority over it; no one controls it. No one knows who or which institution made this currency, except for a name, Satoshi Nakomoto. 

The payment transfers are quick, anonymous, and cannot be untraceable. The network operates on a blockchain which ensures protection to the assets and the users. Deals get done via smart contracts. As of now, one share of Bitcoin costs $43,099.70. It is the most popular cryptocurrency, followed by Ethereum. 


THC vape oil users are rapidly increasing in the United States. Vaping as a trend has led to this mass increase. With its exceptional qualities, vaping outclasses the traditional method, smoking. For good quality vape juice flavor and cartridges, one must research the vendor before buying. Accepting Bitcoin as a payment mode has only increased the number of daily customers. 

*Always consult with your doctor first.

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