What you should know before you move to Maui

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Maui has been among the top tourist destinations for most people looking for vacation destinations. The serenity and natural habitat make it a peaceful place to be. However, the cost of living in Maui is not that pocket friendly.

Moving to Maui requires conducting the proper research before you consider jumping into the island. 

Here’s what you should know before you move to Maui.

Photo by Don Stouder on Unsplash

You need proper planning

Before you even consider booking that flight for your next trip to Maui, you need to research more about the place. Determine what you will be going to do, is it work or a trip for fun? This helps you to narrow down what is necessary or not.

  1. Find out more about the cost of basic necessities to determine if they are within your set budget.
  2. Make a spreadsheet that includes the flight costs, housing costs, food, and transportation, among other bills.

Housing costs will depend on where you’ll be living since different locations have different housing costs.

If possible, set up an emergency fund to help you when you are completely stuck.

What you need to bring with you

Often at times when moving the question regarding what you need to bring comes up. There are many things that you can carry when relocating. However, there are some items that are not permitted on the plane. Things like cars among other items can be difficult to ship in the moving process.

When moving to Maui you can get in touch with a professional moving company that offers premier moving and storage services. It’s up to you to decide which items will be worth carrying or shipping depending on the shipping costs which might vary from one shipping agency to another. But, avoid moving anything that you can easily get in Maui at an affordable cost. Carry important documents like your passport, photographs, medical records, prescriptions, birth certificates, wills, deeds, etc.

Where to live

Maui is a big island and before you move, you need to figure out where on the island you intend to live. The weather patterns change depending on the location and each area has its own distinct personality. Instead of buying a house before moving there, it’s always best to find a rental. This will give you ample time to familiarise yourself with the area in case you would like to make any changes to your housing

Once you get to Maui, you must be ready to get involved with the community. Even if you aren’t a people person, you should be ready to engage in some activities to help you interact with people more.

This can either be joining and supporting local charities, or arts and making new friends. New friends will help you adjust to your new home and allow a smooth transition. Your connection to the community will allow you to adjust faster, cope and stay longer.

Get ready to connect with people you share hobbies and interests with, and learn more about the culture, language, and traditions.

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