How To Reset Mentally Before The Start Of Each Work Week

How To Reset Mentally Before The Start Of Each Work Week
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Here are some ways to help you plan your mental reset at the start of a week or during the weekend.

Do you often find yourself entering a new week feeling stressed and uncertain? Well, you might need a Sunday mental reset. You’ve probably come across the term “mental reset.” However, do you actually know what it takes to do it efficiently?

Normally, people do Sunday resets by engaging in tasks like cleaning the house, reading a book, changing the bedsheets, arranging fresh flowers, or indulging in a beauty regimen to recharge and refresh themselves. All of these activities contribute to reset their mind and energy levels. Meaning, that they will be entering the new week with a sense of calm and more clarity.

If you wish to be one of those “Sunday resetters,” here are a few tips to help. 

An Unbalanced Build Up

When you keep working week after week without taking a break, the stress builds up, and you will become less efficient and focused at work. The effects of unhealthy mental build-up are alarming. It can multiply and weigh down on a person, negatively affecting various aspects of their life, including professional obligations or careers.

A weekly mental reset includes a sequence of activities you carry out before the new week starts. The purpose of a reset varies from person to person, but the main goal is to start the new week with more energy and clarity.

Before you start planning, consider the goals you want to achieve by undergoing a mental reset. Having a genuine reason for the things you do will assist you in getting them done fast. So, take some time to understand your why. 

For instance, it could be to overcome your stress, avoid it in the future, or start a week with a clear understanding of what will happen in the next five days and what you should achieve before the following weekend.

Pressing the Mental Reset Button

Once you know why you want your mental reset, it is time to plan it out. Here are some ways to help you plan your mental reset at the start of a week or during the weekend. By following all or at least a few of these strategies, you will be at your best to get back to work on Monday and make headway on projects and responsibilities.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Though you can’t catch up on all the sleep you lost during the past week or weeks; you can restore healthy sleeping habits during a mental reset. Go over your sleep hygiene, and you will soon see how sleeping well can positively influence your emotional endurance and performance.

Switch Off from Obligations

You have been working for an entire week. So, if there is anything you need during a mental reset, that is some time off from work obligations. Instead, take this time to address any physical conditions like body aches that might be making working difficult. 

Often, stress that builds up over time can manifest in physical pain. Furthermore, your energy levels keep diminishing and staying at a low if you don’t take a proper rejuvenating break. Consider mindfulness and meditation to switch your mental mindset to a more easygoing and relaxed state, essentially “weekend mode.”

Spend Your Free Time Wisely

During a mental reset, you should wisely balance your free time between being active and being more sedentary. Consider spending time on activities you enjoy but aren’t necessarily productive, like learning a new skill or meeting the expectations of your family or friends. Also, spend part of your time lazily lying on the couch, enjoying some good TV shows, or doing nothing. The key is to not spend the weekend in a way that leads to physical exhaustion.

Spend Time Outdoors

Sometimes, nature can be a solution to all your problems. If you usually work indoors or have an office job, take the opportunity to get outdoors and close to nature. A simple stroll through the community park or a trip to the mountains can be so relaxing and rewarding. 

Nevertheless, be aware of the risks of sun exposure, and ensure you have things like sunscreen or try on prescription sunglasses online to find a pair that work without a trip to a retail store. 

The Most Important Step 

Giving it a go is more important than planning a mental reset. New practices often take time to get used to. However, do it for a few weeks to a month, and you will discover your newer self. During your mental reset, pay attention to the most enjoyable parts. And remember, you can always add or remove any steps into your mental reset.

So don’t stress, just mental reset!

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