How to Plan for a Wedding Reception at Home

How to Plan for a Wedding Reception at Home
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By carefully planning your wedding reception at home, you and your guests can enjoy a unique and unforgettable event.

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion of your life. The wedding ceremony seals your union with the man of your dreams, and you want it to be perfect. What follows is the reception, where your friends and family join you as you celebrate your new life together as husband and wife.

Choosing the ideal venue for a wedding reception is not as easy as you may imagine. However, you can opt to have it at home, in familiar surroundings where you are most comfortable. 

How to Plan for a Wedding Reception at Home

Having a wedding reception at home makes the event more personal. Your home is where you have built countless beautiful memories, and it is the perfect venue to hold the most significant occasion of your life, allowing you to make even more memories you can always look back to with the fondest thoughts.

It is also where you can have free rein of everything that will make your reception memorable for you and your guests. You can decorate it the way you want, serve unique dishes, and set it up to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time. Your guests will appreciate your effort in transforming your home into the perfect wedding reception venue, an experience they will never forget. 

The following tips can help you plan your unique wedding reception at home.

Prepare your guest list

When preparing your guest list, consider your home space and how it can comfortably accommodate your guests. Work together with your partner when thinking of people you want to invite. Once you have finalized your list, it is best to send out wedding invitations in advance to ensure that everyone can adjust their schedules and be present on the big day. Prepare the personalized stationery gifts you have kept for this special occasion and use them for your thank you note as a token of appreciation for the presence of your guests at your wedding.

Contact your wedding suppliers

Wedding suppliers are there to provide you with everything you need for your event. They should be people you can depend on to deliver, and you should choose those you are comfortable communicating with. Before you finalize your layout, ensure that you have discussed details with your suppliers. Then, sit down with your caterer and plan your menu.

Wedding suppliers can also provide you with options for entertainment. For example, should you decide to hold your reception in your garden and expect some dancing, it is best to rent a dance floor to keep shoes protected from moisture and make it less challenging to move to the music.

Have dressing rooms available

To avoid delays and eliminate transportation requirements, it is best to assign dressing rooms at your home for wedding preparations for yourself and those of your wedding entourage. While the space does not have to be expansive, it should be comfortable for people to change, apply makeup and prepare themselves for the event. It should also have suitable lighting and mirrors, with outlets for hair dryers and other beauty devices that require electricity.

By carefully planning your wedding reception at home, you and your guests can enjoy a unique and unforgettable event.

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