Here’s The Best Affordable Gifts For The Yogi in Your Life

Here's The Best Affordable Gifts For The Yogi in Your Life
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It’s always a great time to gift your yogi lovers! Here are some of the season’s best affordable gifts!

Whether you’re shopping for an avid yogi or someone looking to add yoga to their daily routine from home, here are a few products to help them incorporate yoga practices into their daily habits! 

What’s even more fun, they are all under $100 which makes them the best affordable gifts this season!

42 Birds Cork Yoga Mat


Available on Amazon

Achieve the most difficult yoga poses with ease with 42 Birds. Their eco-friendly yoga and wellness products are for yogis and fitness lovers alike. The 100% recycled cork products bring joy to health-conscious consumers while supporting forests and cork farmers. The Robin is their best-selling, ultra-lightweight signature yoga mat, perfect for travel. Complimentary cotton yoga mat strap included.

PlayPauseBe Yoga Deck 


The PlayPauseBe Yoga decks are designed to help you create a truly personalized practice. They will help you practice yoga mindfully, at your own pace, disconnecting from everything. The Yoga Deck is a beautiful work of art made of 82 cards. There are 9 categories that will take you through a complete yoga practice, from warm-up to slow down. PlayPauseBe helps you create an infinite number of sequences, whether you are a beginner or advanced. On every card, beneath each position, there is a simple phrase that helps you set your focus and practice safely.

Pear Compression Crew Socks

Price: $32.00

Help increase circulation during your yoga flow with Pear Compression socks. Their crew compression socks are your new go-to sock for your everyday lifestyle. They are infused with Pear Compression’s unique silver-ion patented technology, which provides anti-microbial, anti-odor, and moisture-wicking properties so that your feet live in the best environment all day long.

Infamous Swim New Ribbed Nova Leggings 

Price: $99.00

Introducing Infamous Active, from the cult favorite swimwear line, Infamous Swim. Made from a blend of high-performance Nylon and Spandex (and cut to womanly perfection). Infamous Active is practical, flattering, and designed to support you and your bits (literally). The buttery soft activewear comes in a slew of super cute prints and colors and is available up to size 3XL. The ribbed fabric provides depth and texture and helps to elongate your figure, making it appear longer and taller. These high-waisted compression leggings give you the ultimate freedom to move with purpose and comfort throughout the day.

Herbal Revolution 

Attitude Adjustment Stress Relif Elixir – $24

We can all use an attitude adjustment every once in a while. Whether we are looking to get centered, relieve stress, calm ourselves, or support our ongoing emotional journeys, the Attitude Adjustment Stress Relief Elixir is a valuable herbal ally. This elixir is our go-to formula when a deep breath just isn’t enough to change our mood. Try using this elixir before or after a yoga or meditation session, or in anticipation of a particularly stressful day or event.

Acai Exotic 

Price: $4.99 for a single bowl, or $53.89 for a 12-pack

Fuel up after yoga class – adding delicious and nutrient-dense superfoods to your diet has never been easier than with Acai Exotic. Delivering a mouth-watering range of acai products, from ready-made bowls to pouches, to toppings, the brand is bringing the flavors of the Amazon right to your door! Enjoy the power of acai with Acai Exotic’s innovative, convenient, and totally refreshed recipes. Acai Exotic only uses the highest quality, sustainably sourced acai in its purest form.

Only including what is necessary to provide nutritious and naturally exceptional products. Their recipes are based on food science, the latest nutritional information, and their own expectations for a tasty meal and snack.

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