How Aromatherapy Ignites Your Creativity and Your Business

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An aromatherapist or aromatherapy practitioner is trained in the art and science of using essential oils as a means of creating positive change in the physiology and psyche of an individual or animal.

What is creativity to you? Beyond the arts that many equate with creative pursuits lies a whole world of creativity that is crucial to entrepreneurs and anyone else looking to stand out in their industry—aromatherapy.

“Creativity is both the foundation of who we are and the highest expression of our humanity.” – Austin Hill Shaw

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Originality, unique ways of expressing thoughts, ideas, and feelings, and imaginative problem-solving require creativity.

Every one of us is creative in our own way. We are all born with that capacity. You were probably handed a box of crayons at some point and knew instinctively what do to with them. Many of us have experienced discouragement or shame around how we express our innate creativity. When people say, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body” all I hear is that they’ve been forced to silence and hide it to the point where they are disconnected from it.

The role of creativity in entrepreneurship

As entrepreneurs and business owners, the most powerful tool at our disposal is our creativity. When you’ve tapped into your creativity you are listening to your own voice, which does two things: it keeps you and your messaging authentic and aligned, and it sets you apart from everyone else in the marketplace.

By acting from your own creativity, you create messaging that aligns with who you are and what you stand for. You create marketing messages aligned to your unique voice through your unique lens. 

When you are tapped into your creativity, you aren’t listening to what anyone else says. The voices saying “there’s only one right way to do this” or “you need to do this particular thing in order to succeed” are silenced when you are in that creative space within yourself. This place of pause and inner quiet allows you to hear your own voice, your inner wisdom, your intuition, and the creative spirit within you. It creates a sacred space where your unique ideas and approaches can grow and come to light.

You will not sound like anyone else in your market because your marketing will come through your unique lens. You will be taking focused, inspired action on your ideas, not someone else’s.

Tools for tapping into creativity as an entrepreneur

So, how do you tap into your creativity? Many of us (and this was me for many years) get so bogged down in all the obligations and commitments of daily life that our joy and creativity get buried. 

In my mid-30s someone asked me what I did for fun and I honestly couldn’t think of an answer. This was a turning point in my own spiritual and creative journey. Answering that question cascaded into major changes in my life: career, marriage, and spiritual growth among them. By reconnecting with what brings me joy, my creativity reawakened and flourished.

What did you love to do as a child? Draw? Paint? Dance? Did you love to bake? Tell stories? If that doesn’t spark anything, get curious about anything that captures your attention or interest over the next few weeks. Follow your curiosity and you’ll find something that can help you reawaken your creativity.

A whiff of rose geranium essential oil was the catalyst for my own creative reawakening. I was offered a sniff in my late 20s and my whole body and spirit lit up. I felt something I hadn’t felt in years: pure joy. No surprise that in answering the question “what do I do for fun” some five years later, the first answer that eventually came to me was the memory of the impact of that essential oil.

Reawakening creativity through aromatherapy

Essential oils have the ability to impact the central nervous system, brain, and psyche in the most beautiful way. They are a natural best friend of creativity and your creative process. By following my curiosity about the effect that rose geranium essential oil had on me, I found my passion and life’s work: aromatherapy.

An aromatherapist or aromatherapy practitioner is trained in the art and science of using essential oils as a means of creating positive change in the physiology and psyche of an individual or animal. Aromatherapists work with essential oils and carrier oils either singularly or in combinations depending on the needs of the client.

In my work as an aromatherapist I’ve curated a collection of essential oils that work singularly or together to inspire creativity, be it creative thinking, focused action on ideas, inspiration, or imagination.

A selection of essential oils for creativity:

Rosemary: stimulates mind, clarity, and memory 

Ginger: increases determination and courage

Coriander seed: promotes creativity, imagination, and expressiveness

Vetiver: grounding, calming to the central nervous system

Select one of these essential oils and put a couple of drops on a tissue near your workstation. Take a few deep inhales and center your mind. Notice how it impacts you over the next half hour. 

How flower essences can awaken creativity

Flower essences provide us with energetic support. They are gently transformative and work to nourish and harmonize our emotions. Flower essences can be taken internally on their own or via a beverage or food. They can also be applied to the skin or added to a room spray. 

In my aromatherapy practice, I use essential oils combined with flower essences in most situations when creating products for my clients. I find that by adding specific flower essences to the essential oils, my clients get another layer of support on their journeys to vibrancy and creativity.

Flower essences are “a safe and natural method of healing discovered by Dr. Bach in the 1930s in England. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred, and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole.” (from the Bach website)

A selection of flower essences for creativity:

Pink monkeyflower: Courage to be vulnerable and open your heart

Indian paintbrush: Unblock creative flow

Blackberry: Stay on task and take action

Columbine: Inspire self-expression

Select one of these flower essences and take it four times per day. Notice any shifts in your approach to your marketing and messaging that comes through.

The ultimate creativity tool: The Creativity Kit

Creativity can be fickle so I’ve formulated two aromatherapy sprays to address two aspects of the creative process: creative flow and creative direction. These aromatherapy sprays are part of the Creativity Kit, a collection of aromatherapy and other tools to help you foster, flow with, and free your creativity.

Creative Flow: Contains essential oils and flower essences to encourage stillness and receptivity, intuition, going deep, and inspiration. Calms the central nervous system, relaxes breathing, and helps you create space to hear your own voice and intuition.

Creative Direction: Contains essential oils and flower essences to encourage taking action on our ideas, courage, healthy boundary setting, and confidence. Improves blood flow to the brain, improves circulation, uplifts mood to help you move into action, energizes your process, and generates new ideas.

I invite you to check out the Creativity Kit to learn more about the tools and read testimonials from the entrepreneurs who are benefiting from it. (These make a thoughtful client gift as well!)

Time to create with your chosen aromatherapy!

If your market is anything like mine, it’s noisy and hard to get noticed. Many people are following the same business coaches and marketing experts and applying what they say is the best way to do things. I encourage you to listen to the experts, but then take what you’ve learned and see it through the lens of your own creativity.

Using aromatherapy as a tool, along with flower essences, you can awaken your creative power and ignite your business.

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Dori Bell

I’ll never forget meeting Betty, a kind aromatherapist who asked me to inhale deeply the geranium essential oil she held under my nose. The exquisite beauty of that fragrance really impacted me; it was a visceral feeling that hit me like my body was being infused with a million sparkles.

Until that day, I felt like I was living my entire life through a “fog machine.” You know, those vapor generators that are used for special events like weddings and 80s hair metal concerts. That “fog” was my protection, keeping me safe from feeling my longings.

Then Betty came along and introduced me to aromatherapy—a science-based therapy that helps you feel vibrant, energetic, and strong.

With busy lives taking care of families and working on careers, so many people feel like they have lost themselves. I sure felt that way. Aromatherapy actually provides a way to reawaken your old self, or—even better—gain a “new you,” as you’ve always known you could be.

A few things happened to me the day I met Betty. I felt my body, my place in the world, for the first time in ages. I also felt the first stirrings of my long-buried passion and creativity in my heart. An aromatherapist can help you too!

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