Keep Warm and Cozy Year-Round with this Wearable Blanket

Keep Warm and Cozy Year-Round with this Wearble Blanket
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Our friends at The Comfy, makers of the original wearable blanket, definitely know how to keep us warm and cozy year-round. Now, they’re keeping us dry in the rain or snow as well!

Keep Warm and Cozy Year-Round with this Wearble Blanket

We’d love to Introduce The Comfy® SplashTM. It’s the new hooded water-resistant wearable blanket perfect for any weather event, such as cheering on the kids during games, snowboarding activities, or taking the dog for a walk. We know our sports Moms will just love this for all those weekend games between kids.

This wearable blanket features a 100% water-resistant outer shell and a super soft silken fleece on the inside—even more reasons to Feel The Happy this holiday season!

The cost couldn’t be better!

The Comfy® SplashTM ($119.99) comes in taxi cab yellow, navy, and more. It’s designed to ensure you can take the warmth and softness you love from all of The Comfy® products into even the worst of conditions. It’s one size fits all, which we love! It’s the biggest one yet, with extra length to keep pants dry, ideal for sitting and enjoying outdoor sporting events.

The Comfy Nation has been asking for a waterproof version and the brand delivered. The fans are super excited that it’s just in time for the fall and winter temps and represents its trademark style and design. Plus some essential upgrades to check out too.

Keep Warm and Cozy Year-Round with this Wearble Blanket

About The Comfy®, Wearable Blanket

We also love that this is a family-owned and operated business by Michael Speciale–the creator of The Comfy®. Just a month after forming their company, The Comfy® was invited to make their pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank.

With only a prototype in hand, they closed a deal with Barbara Corcoran and the rest is history. The Comfy® has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, People, CNN, Yahoo, BuzzFeed, Business Insider, Inc., Scary Mommy, and more.

Keep Warm and Cozy Year-Round with this Wearble Blanket

The Comfy® products are loved by everyone and are currently available online and in over 5,100 retail doors across the U.S.!

You can find them in Macy’s, Kohls, Fred Meyer, Target, Sportsman Ski Haus, Al’s Sporting Goods, Bob Wards, AAFES and online at QVC, Today’s Shopping Choice, ECOM, Shopify, and The Paper Store.

The Comfy® is a top seller internationally on Amazon in Canada, the UK, and Australia, and holds a #1 seller spot on Amazon USA in its category.

We’ll be stocking up and gifting these for sure! What about you? Go ahead and check them out.

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