Eco-Friendly Ways To Save Money And The Planet

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With the help of these top tips, you can save money all year round, and you can cut down on your household carbon emissions.

Times are getting tough. The average American is feeling a squeeze on their pocketbook, with prices rising consistently from inflation. Energy prices are skyrocketing across the board, with power and heating costs matching the rise of gas at the pump. Here are some simple ways to save money, and the planet. By making some eco-friendly choices, you can dramatically cut your regular energy costs and put some extra dollars back in your pocket.

Cut Down On Cards

There are dozens of events throughout the year that call on us to send a card. Birthdays, season’s greetings, newborn babies, and anniversaries all fill up our calendars and cause us to send out a card. The modern world provides us with an eco-friendly solution that makes sense in our online lives. Cut out the cards and paper envelopes and send a greeting, celebration message, or thank you over the internet.

Greenvelope has this amazing thank you card template with card designs that you will love. With the help of Greenvelope, you can send an online card for every occasion, saving paper, waste, and money. There are designs, wordings, and ideas to suit every recipient. No two cards ever look the same, unless you want them to. You could find a theme you like and stick with it.

Ditch The Disposables

The water bottle is just the beginning. People have adopted refilling a reusable water bottle, and the change it has made to the planet is already noticeable. Millions of tons of plastic waste have been saved from landfill and the oceans. This has saved people a lot of money too. All those dollars spent on disposable water bottles are back in the pockets of millions of Americans.

Reusing bags at the grocery store makes a huge difference. Paper or plastic? Refuse and reuse. Do not stop at grocery bags. Swap reusable containers for the freezer, refrigerator bags, and kid’s lunches. This cuts a regular cost off the shopping list. Coffee shops are happy to fill your travel mug rather than a paper cup. There are lots of little ways to save on the use of plastic and paper and save some money.

Eat Yourself Green

This top tip is a two-for-one. You can eat healthier when you choose eco-friendly foods over wasteful, processed foods that lack nutrition. Fresh and local foods a far better for the planet and far better for you too. Eat your greens to go green, and grow them at home for some extra savings. Starting a small home farm is easier than you think, and you do not need a lot of space either.

Whether you have a full-sized yard, a small balcony on your apartment, or just a window to hang some baskets from, you have all the space you need to grow your own food. With as little as a window box you can grow kitchen staples like green beans, fresh leaves, and even favorites like chilies, garlic, and onions. 

Solar For The Win

Next time you are basking in the sunshine, think of all that wasted energy. Solar power is going to save the planet and it is going to save us money. The best kind of electricity is free electricity. Installing panels on your roof or in your garden is great if you can afford it. If you do not have the cash to splash on big roof panels there are still things you can do to harness the power of the sun.

Cut down on your personal carbon emissions and chip away at the power bill using some small-scale solar to charge your devices. Does it charge from a USB? Then you can charge it for free. You will be shocked at the impact this can have on the amount of energy you consume at home. 

There are lots of cheap and efficient foldup panels you can set up on a sunny kitchen counter or living room suntrap. These can give you free power throughout the day, and for extra recharges you can top up a battery pack and get yourself a free recharge from the sunshine at night and on the go.

Heat Less Water

One of the biggest chunks of any energy bill is heating water. Whether it is for laundry, coffee, or to do the dishes, the price we pay to heat our water is constantly increasing. Unless you are using the sun’s power or the wind, it releases carbon into the atmosphere too. If you heat less water and change the way you heat it, you can save a lot of money and a little of the planet.

Washing clothes uses a lot of energy if you do your laundry at higher temperatures. You should do it if you can reduce the temperature to 60 or 70 degrees. This is better for darker colors, and detergents will have no problem dealing with average stains and dirt at these temperatures. This will save you money and cut down on your household carbon emissions.

Making your morning coffee? Have you considered using a microwave? If you use instant coffee instead of fresh grounds you can mix up your brew and microwave it. You get a fresh cup of joe in less than two minutes and use a fraction of the energy a kettle or coffee maker uses.

Save Money, Get Fit, and Go Green

A huge part of your carbon footprint is personal transportation. The prices at the pumps have risen too, making driving a car or truck a drain on your finances as well as the planet. Ditch driving for walking, riding a bike, or using public transportation. Organize a carpool for regular trips to work.

It benefits your health as well as the planet. Walking and riding a bike is a good cardio workout that can form the foundation of a larger health regime if you want it to. To simply maintain your fitness levels, nothing beats regular walking. Leave the car on the drive and walk to the store instead.

With the help of these top tips, you can save money all year round, and you can cut down on your household carbon emissions. Reducing your dependence on disposables and your daily energy consumption is worth a lot to you, and the planet.

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