How to Plan a Holiday Weekend Wedding?

Written by Carol Combs

We have listed some essential tips to plan your memorable, holiday weekend wedding

Are you planning for your upcoming weekend wedding? If you want to make it picture-perfect for you and your would-be life partner; then we are here to help you sketch a memorable and exciting holiday weekend wedding.

A wedding is a special event in your life, and it is natural to put some extra effort into making the event memorable. So, here we will share some essential tips from selecting a location, food, and welcome wedding signs to choosing your outfit and event activities and much more.

Pick a suitable destination

The first step for planning your holiday weekend wedding is to pick a suitable destination where you can hold the wedding ceremony. You must take some time to select the correct destination as many things will depend on it like your wedding outfits, food, decoration, etc. You can pick a destination depending on you and your spouse’s preference or the season, especially if you are going somewhere within the country.

Provide weekend itinerary

Most of your guests will be basically on vacation during your weekend wedding, so planning a wedding itinerary will be helpful for both you and your guests. Try to provide a weekend activity outline of events, locations, times etc. Also, make sure to make the itinerary visually appealing and available in both printouts and digital form.

It would be easy for your guests to keep the itinerary according to their convenience.

Choose a wedding theme

Another essential part of your holiday weekend wedding planning is the wedding theme. Today, most people go for theme weddings to make the most of the wedding location. There are plenty of themes from vintage, floral, and classic to offbeat bohemian and season-particular themes that you can choose from. Also, if you find it challenging to pick a theme, you can ask for professional help to select a theme and plan accordingly.

However, you must remember that your wedding theme must match the location’s environment and add a special touch to the event. For example, if you are picking a hilly location, your theme should be classic yet not too much glittering decoration, and if you are going to a beach or valley, your theme should be vibrant and dynamic.

Also, a vintage or rustic theme will be best for you if you are going to the countryside.

Include custom decoration and other items

Incorporating custom products in your weekend wedding is another crucial part of the planning. Instead of using mainstream decoration ideas, try to include custom decorative items like plates, wedding sitting charts, gates and other things. Placing custom items with your names, pictures and wedding quotes will help to make the event more exciting and unique.

Using custom products will also grab the special attention of your guests and inspire them with your innovative and unique approach.

Do not miss to arrange a welcome gathering

Holding a weekend wedding means you and your guests will have a multiday event together. So, you must ensure to arrange a welcome gathering at the arrival. Hosting a welcome gathering is the best way to welcome all your guests and inform them about the plans and activities ahead on the weekend. It is a great way to help your guests easily mingle with each other and enjoy the holiday.

However, your guests might arrive at different times, so ensure your welcome gathering is flexible enough to incorporate them all. If the weather allows, you can also plan an outdoor gathering with fun games, local cuisines and a small tour to welcome your guests pleasantly.

Hire professional help to manage the event

Having a professional team experienced in handling weekend or multiday weddings is a blessing. When planning a holiday weekend wedding, you must hire a professional team. They can help to execute your wedding and other activities smoothly. Also, they can also help your guests with their queries if they need help finding a location or understanding an event.

Therefore, you can relax and enjoy your special time with your spouse and let them take care of your guests and other events.

Make a dress code for different activities to make them interesting

Making dress codes can be a great way to make your weekend wedding activities more exciting and fun for you and your guests. Wearing suitable and similar dresses for different events can make the event memorable and you can also get a photogenic environment.

In addition, providing dress codes also makes it easier for your guests to wear suitable outfits. Also, maintaining a complimentary outfit with the wedding theme will give an aesthetically pleasing look to the event. However, you must make the dress codes flexible enough, so your guests do not feel confused about what to wear.

Consider the number of guests

Another essential aspect of your weekend wedding preparation is knowing how many guests you will invite to your wedding. This is because if you are inviting a huge crowd, then you need a spacious place. Also, pulling off an event with a massive crowd is difficult, so you must plan only a few activities for your weekend wedding.

On the other hand, if you have a small group of family and friends at your weekend wedding, you can choose a petite yet exotic place and sketch out various activities extending the whole week to enjoy the company of your guests.

Space out event to make some free time

You must space out your weekend wedding activities to create free time for you and your guests. As we have already mentioned, your guests will have a vacation, and if you constantly engage them with you, they will not be able to enjoy their own time.

Also, you will have your free time to create memorable moments with your spouse and make the most of your weekend wedding.

Make sure to hold a farewell party

Always end your weekend wedding celebration with a heartwarming farewell gathering for all your guests. Hosting a farewell party to get together will make the event memorable and touching for your guests.


You can do many things to make your holiday weekend wedding special and attractive. Here we have listed some essential tips to plan your weekend wedding memorable; good luck and have fun!

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