Five Cyber Attacks Women Should Be Aware of

Five Cyber Attacks Women Should Be Aware of
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Protecting yourself from these cyber attacks includes being diligent about your technology.

When it comes to digital risks and threats, everyone is at risk. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual who is trying to protect yourself from the basic risks online or you run a tech company that has sensitive information to look after, there are cyber risks everywhere online.

The danger is compounded for women. Not only are women the subject of more attacks online, but there are also fewer women who are interested in the ins and outs of technology. Whether you are interested in cyber security or not, below are five cyber attacks women should be aware of.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a big problem. There are all kinds of ways to find yourself in a situation where your identity has been stolen. Hackers can get onto your accounts by finding your passwords and getting information through these channels. They can also trick you into clicking something that gives them access to your computer.

Through an email or clicking on an identifiable link on a website, hackers utilize so many methods to get a hold of vital information and use it to steal your money, use your credit cards, or open accounts in your name. To protect against this, you should use difficult passwords, install malware protection, and never click on something you are unsure about.

Credit Card Fraud

Even without stealing your full identity, hackers can commit credit card fraud. Whether they are hacking a website of a business you put your card into or finding a way into your own business, credit card fraud is a huge issue in the digital landscape.

Having access to a credit card number gives malicious people the ability to leverage their balance, spend a lot of money, and give them new resources to continue scheming. When you are trying to protect yourself or your company from credit card fraud, you should look into third-party risk management by clicking here.


This term, phishing is an older hacker tactic that is used for many purposes. Phishing is typically when someone sends you an email with a link or an attachment inside. The hope is that you will click on the corrupted file or hyperlink so they can gain access to your computer, corrupt the device, or hold it, hostage.

Phishing can be used to install malware on your computer, release a worm to find the information you might not even know is there, or install ransomware that takes control of your network until you pay the ransom. Phishing is a tactic you’re probably familiar with, but they are getting better and better at disguising their emails as legitimate. Be careful, even with emails that look familiar.


Malware is any software intended to cause harm. It can be packaged in numerous ways, with many functions. Malware can release viruses onto your computer. It can install ransomware. It can release a worm to find information. Malware doesn’t just have the ability to attack your device, it can also steal information. It’s quickly becoming one of the most effective and damaging forms of cyber-attack out there.


When ransomware is installed on your computer, you won’t be able to use your device. The program will even go onto your internet and infect the other devices on your network. Ransomware takes control of your devices until you pay the attackers a certain amount of money.

However, there is no telling if the attackers will release the devices after you have paid. It’s incredibly important to avoid getting ransomware installed on your computer. Don’t click on things you don’t know of. Install anti-ransomware on your computer and use a firewall. Individuals are attacked with ransomware less than companies and the government, but you should always protect yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman

For an individual or a company, keeping your devices, network, data, and personal information secure is one of the most important things you can do for yourself in the modern digital world. The number of possible attacks keeps growing and those attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated.

Protecting yourself from these attacks includes being diligent about your technology. Even if you aren’t interested in tech, it’s important to do what you need to do to protect yourself, your family, your devices, and your network from attackers. 

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