How to Experience a Fulfilling Mompreneur Life With Less Struggle

How to Experience a Fulfilling Mompreneur Life with Less Struggle
I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.
Written by Susan Vernicek

You want your all, but where to start? Read how Sara created her Mompreneur Life with less struggle.

Once upon a time, there was a mompreneur named Sara. Sara had always been a go-getter, and after having children, she wanted to create a life that allowed her to be both a present parent and a successful businesswoman. However, as she began to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams, she found that every day felt like a struggle.

Sara was constantly juggling her responsibilities as a mom and a business owner, and she felt like she was never able to fully give her all to either role. She was always stressed, always tired, and always felt like she was falling short.

Constant Mompreneur Struggle

One day, Sara realized that something needed to change. She couldn’t keep living a life that felt like a constant struggle. So, she decided to reevaluate her priorities.

Sara realized that she had been trying to do too much at once. She was trying to build a successful business while also being a supermom, and it was taking a toll on her. She wanted to simplify her life and business with confidence and less guilt and comparison.

3 Simple Decisions

Sara began to create a life that revolved around the 3 main things she wanted.

  1. Consistent self-care to keep her health and sanity.
  2. She wanted a rough idea of when she would work on her business the majority of the time.
  3. Her off hours were for family and fun.

She made sure to schedule everything else around these 3 main priorities that impacted her health, her quality time with family, and the success of her business without burnout. 

To her surprise, she and her business began to thrive.

By focusing on what was most important to her, she was able to create a life that didn’t feel like a struggle. She was also able to be the kind of mom she had always wanted to be. She was happier and more fulfilled, and she felt like she was finally living the life she had always dreamed of.

Sara like many of my Mindset + Achievers™ learned that creating a life that doesn’t feel like a struggle isn’t about doing everything perfectly or trying to be superwoman. 

It’s about prioritizing what’s most important to you and finding balance in your life. And by doing that, you can create a life that is both fulfilling and joyful.

You can create this too.

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Your Mindset + Achieve™ Coach,


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About the author

I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.

Susan Vernicek

Mindset Coach, Susan Vernicek ignites and empowers Mompreneurs who struggle to discover their balance between MomLife + BizLife. For over a decade she's been helping them create a winning Mompreneur Mindset so that they can consciously thrive at home and KILL IT in business —without feeling guilty and letting go of the comparison game.

With 14 years of experience and overcoming her own emotional, financial, and physical rock bottom, she's now thriving as a Mompreneur.

She's not just a mindset coach and igniter, she's known as the Mindset + Achieve™ coach, a #1 Amazon Bestseller, and Speaker. Move from autopilot to achieving in MomLife + BizLife! To connect directly, please Email Susan at

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