How to Discover When Passion Becomes Purpose

How to Discover When Passion Becomes Purpose
Written by Krysta Lee

Little did I know, that passion of mine would eventually turn into my purpose.

I’ve consciously been working on my journey of self-discovery for well over a decade, and throughout the years I’ve had many passions.

From performing on stage as a singer and dancer; to acting on camera; to creating works of art; and even working with individuals as a wellness coach—each of these passions play a unique role in my life and has shaped me into the entrepreneur I am today.

Like many others, I love being creative!

There is one ultimately fulfilling passion of mine that began when I was just six years old. I wrote my very first piece way back when—a song titled Just One—and little did I know, that passion of mine would eventually turn into my purpose.

I believe every single one of us is here for a very specific reason, and it is our duty to share with the world what we’ve been gifted. Not only is it the highest service to self to develop our passions, it’s also the greatest way for us to serve humanity.

After many successful years of pursuing various passions and turning them into paycheques, I finally found my true purpose.

I took a shot at pivoting my profession to published writing, and dove head-first into life as an author. I discovered a growing community of empowering, compassionate, and wise women—and immersed myself in the wonderful world of Golden Brick Road Publishing House. Never have I ever felt so welcomed and embraced into a new group of females in all my years as a professional.

It wasn’t long until I realised how fulfilled I felt as I claimed my place as an author. It’s as if this passion has combined my favorite parts of all the things I love, put them into a special collection of hand-crafted words, and wrapped them up into sweet little packages. What an incredible moment it was when I realized this is what I am here to do, I can literally write about anything and everything I am passionate about, and can continue this career without limits—for as long as my heart desires.

It’s so important to follow our heart and listen to the callings from deep within our soul.

When I was first invited to share my story in a co-author project titled Women Let’s Rise, I did not understand the impact it would have on myself as an individual, or the positive effect it would have on my credibility. It’s also made a wonderful impression on those who read my words, which is truly the greatest gift. I shared the benefits of working together for the greater good of all, and the feedback I’ve been receiving has humbled and honored my spirit beyond measure.

So many of my fellow authors share similar stories to mine, and many of them are working mamas like myself, too. This led me to my next project with GBRPH, which we brought to fruition during the 2020 pandemic. Talk about a resilient group of women!

Many of us work from home, which is something I discuss in-depth in our best-selling book Mama’s Gotta Work!, and coming together as a collective to share our stories has been the most rewarding experience. It’s literally a dream come true for me, and sharing it with twenty different mamas has added more variety and value than I could have accomplished on my own.

It amazes me when people come together in creative ways to exemplify their purpose by sharing their passions.

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself: maybe this is something I can try, too—please, please do! I cannot express how happy I am for deciding to put myself out there and go for it. If we don’t try, we’ll never know what lies ahead on the other side of alternative action. We have everything to gain when attempting something new, even if it’s just a simple lesson learned.

Surrounding myself with the incredible powerhouses that make up the #GBRAuthorLife feels like home. I’m grateful for their endless support, encouragement, and guidance every step along this journey of mine. I will forever continue to share my purpose through my passions—this is who I am, and it is what I do.

May you wholeheartedly turn your passions into your purpose, too.

In love and light,
Krysta Lee

Identity Magazine is all about guiding women to discover their powers of Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement.

We ask that every contributor and expert answer the Identity questions in keeping with our theme. Their answers can be random and in the moment or they can be aligned with the current article they have written. In that way, and as a team, we hope to encourage and motivate each other, thus inspiring you to Get All A’s.

1. What have you accepted within your life, physically and/or mentally? Additionally, what are you still working on accepting? Now, we’re not talking about resignation, rather stepping into, embraced, and owned.

I have accepted within my life that nothing is permanent, everything changes, and I am forever expanding and growing. Oh what a beautiful gift this is to embrace!

2. Appreciation is everything. What have you learned to appreciate about yourself and/or within your life, physically and mentally? On the other hand OR in contrast, are there elements of who you are that you’re still working on appreciating?

I have learned to appreciate my sometimes seemingly “kwirks”, and I understand now that they are part of what makes me unique and special in my own kind of way.

3. Share with us one of your most rewarding achievements in life? Tell us not only what makes YOU most proud but also share the goals and dreams that you still have.

One of my most rewarding achievements in life is having my two babies, Jaxon and Lillee. They are my greatest gifts, and they make me so proud, every single day! I dream of giving them everything they need to thrive through life, even long after I’m gone.

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