How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree in 6 Simple Steps

Written by Carol Combs

Follow these six easy steps to decorate your Christmas tree from start to end.

The year-end festivities are drawing closer each day, and most people are searching for novel ideas to decorate their Christmas trees. The internet is filled with ideas, but navigating through them can be time-consuming. Also, most decorations might look good in the pictures but not match the overall aesthetics of your home.

To make things worse, the pictures do not often come with a step-by-step guide to replicate the look. For these reasons, we have created this guide, which will help you elevate even the least expensive Christmas tree into a stunning centerpiece.

Six Simple Steps to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

This holiday season, give your Christmas tree a makeover that will impress all your guests. By following these six simple steps, your tree will look as if it were decorated by professionals. So, without wasting more time, let’s get started!

1.    Setting Up the Christmas Tree

Most people do not pay much attention to properly setting up the tree. The result can be devastating, as an unstable tree can easily topple and ruin all your hard work. You can easily hide the stand with a tree skirt that comes in many forms, including a wicker tree skirt. Thereafter, you need to fluff the branches of the tree to give it a more natural appearance. While fluffing, you must handle the tree with gentle touches to ensure that the needles do not fall off. You can also wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the prickly ends of the tree.

2.    Put The Lights

Selecting the Christmas tree lights is a whole other ball game. While buying the lights, you must follow one basic thumb rule to always make the right choice. Make sure that the lights do not clash in color or tone with your other decorations. Also, go for a light that matches the inherent ambiance of your home, but beware of too much monotonicity. Your safest bet in this regard would be to pick a colored light and then use a few decorations in contrasting colors. If you have chosen a large tree, then you must use a globular bulb rather than the usual string of lights.

3.    Put The Topper

Most people make the mistake of placing the topper at the end of the decorations. This is a difficult proposition as you would have to avoid all the other decorations on the tree. A single wrong move can mar the entire effect of the decorations. Therefore, top the tree at this stage, and for the topper, choose one that instantly draws everyone’s attention to it. There are several types of toppers available in the market today, ranging from plastic, tinsel, sequined, etc. You can also go for the more traditional options, such as a bow or an angel.

4.    Deck The Tree with Decorations

Homeowners nowadays love the minimalist look in all things, including their Christmas tree decorations. But one must always be careful when adding heavy ornaments to their tree. They can easily cause the branches to break with their weight. Hence, it would be a great idea to put them first towards the inside of the branches. Decorate the middle part with shiny ornaments or glitter, which would catch and reflect the light from the inner part of the tree. Many sure to have a few customized Christmas ornaments to make your tree come to life. 

5.    Hang Your Baubles

Don’t make the mistake most people make of overcrowding their tree with too many baubles. You do not need more than five or six larger baubles and seven or eight smaller ones. While decking the tree with baubles, place the larger ones near the base and the smaller ones you can spread evenly throughout. The baubles come in both matt and shiny variety and also in varying colors. Restrict your choice to one variant and choose no more than three colors so that your tree can have depth.

6.    Add the finishing touches

You can now add any special heirloom to the tree and fill in the gaps with other mini ornaments. Bells and acrylic icicles are best for this purpose. Thereafter, you can put the glittering picks and sprays to make the tree look snow-drenched. Lastly, add the skirt and place the gifts around the tree to complete the look. That completes your Christmas tree decorations!


Follow these six easy steps to decorate your Christmas tree from start to end. These basic instructions will help you to create a masterpiece this holiday season that will surely stand out.

Your talent at decorating the tree will be the talk of the party and earn you the admiration from all. Thus, you can be confident while inviting your friends over this Christmas, knowing that your tree decoration will be the subject of envy by all.

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