A Mom’s Bold Transition To The Stay-at-Home Life

Stay-at-Home Life
childhood empowerment
Written by Priscilla Harris

Stay-at-home moms often play a crucial role in instilling core values and morals in their children.

One Mom’s Bold Transition to Stay-at-Home Life – Author Priscilla Harris’s Niece Tells Her Story

From Chaos to Calm

You know, the whole juggling act of being a woman involves balancing three crucial things: a career, marriage, and raising kids. But one day, my balancing act crashed and I couldn’t keep up with the chaos! 

A lightbulb moment struck—why not let go of one ball; my career, and focus on rocking the other two: marriage and raising kids? 

Voila! Yours truly, Mrs. Tiara Harris, became the star stay-at-home Momma Bear!

Rewind about nine years ago when I said, “I do,” and welcomed three tiny hurricanes.

Mornings were a mad dash—getting everyone up, dressed, and out the door was a daily marathon. Forget chit-chatting about how well we slept; it was all mumbled during the chaotic drive to school and work. 

At work, punctuality was a struggle due to the morning madness. And let’s face it, I was often sleepwalking through the day. 

Post-work? A whirlwind of cooking, cleaning, and multitasking like a pro, and finally, when everyone was settled, I’d attempt to unwind.

But then, plot twist! A call from my 8-year-old’s teacher knocked some sense into me—my kiddo was struggling. It hit me hard—I wasn’t the superhero I thought I was. The house was a mess, takeout dinners were a staple, and family time was as rare as a unicorn. 

So, I leaped and chose my family over my career.

Now, life’s decisions always have their perks and drawbacks, right? On the downside, the job I left was a secure haven, unlike my husband’s unpredictable construction gig. And to add some spice, he dreamt of his own electrical contracting company—hello, rollercoaster income! But hey, with budgeting tricks and coupon wizardry, we made ends meet.

Oh, but the upside was worth every twist and turn! 

Without the job, I became a full-time family wizard! I slowed life’s crazy pace, aced the household chores, and brilliantly navigated my 8-year-old’s educational woes into academic success. The other little rascals? I caught them early, giving them the one-on-one help they needed for them to flourish in their greatness. 

And guess what? Less stress, more sleep, and a happier me! I transformed our home into a cozy haven, and you know what? The positives abundantly surpassed the challenges in my thrilling journey!

Stay-at-Home Life
The Harris Family, submitted to Identity Magazine for this February 2024 article.

The Rewards of a Stay-At-Home Life

Opting to be a stay-at-home mom in today’s world is often considered unconventional and requires a significant leap of faith. 

However, it’s an achievable and rewarding choice. As evidenced by Tiara’s journey, the ultimate reward for her and her family is truly priceless.

The Harris Family, submitted to Identity Magazine for this February 2024 article.

Four Positive Impacts on Children’s Development with a Stay-at-Home Guardian

1. Emotional Bonding and Secure Attachment

A stay-at-home mom has the opportunity and time to build a strong emotional bond with her children. This secure attachment during the early years provides a foundation for healthy social and emotional development. Children who experience secure attachment are often more confident, have higher self-esteem, and develop better relationships later in life.

2. Consistent Routine and Individualized Care

A stay-at-home mom can provide a consistent daily routine which is crucial for a child’s sense of security and stability. Predictable routines help children feel safe, reduce anxiety, and contribute to overall well-being.

As well, with a stay-at-home mom, children often benefit from more individualized attention. This personalized care allows for a better understanding of the child’s unique needs, strengths, and challenges, fostering a positive environment for cognitive and emotional development.

3. Early Learning and Cognitive Development

A stay-at-home mom can actively engage in educational activities and play a significant role in early learning. This involvement in cognitive stimulation, such as reading, creative play, and educational games, contributes to the child’s intellectual development and readiness for formal education.

Stay-at-home moms can engage in conversations, storytelling, and other language-rich activities that lay the groundwork for effective communication skills in the future.

4. Positive Socialization and Values

Through playdates, community involvement, and other social activities, a stay-at-home mom can facilitate positive socialization experiences. Learning to share, cooperate, and interact with peers from an early age sets the foundation for healthy social relationships later in life.

Stay-at-home moms often play a crucial role in instilling core values and morals in their children. Modeling empathy, kindness, and responsibility contributes to the development of a child’s moral compass and helps shape their character throughout life.

**It’s important to note that every family is unique, and the benefits mentioned in this article may vary depending on individual circumstances. Additionally, the involvement of parents, whether working outside the home or staying at home, contributes significantly to a child’s overall well-being and development.  


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Particularly in the age of social media, bullying, and peer pressure, my message seeks to celebrate the unique self.

Growing up as the middle child among nine siblings, I often struggled to find my personal identity amongst the other children. Although I appreciated my parents’ providing the essentials of a home, food, and clothes, I yearned for a different expression of love through emotional support, affirmations, and celebration.

Through the teenage years and into adulthood, I learned to intentionally create an identity forged from affirmative words. I chose to dedicate myself to creating books, songs and messages that speak life-giving words to children.

I AM a risk taker and believe that if you pursue your DREAMS with consistency, humility, joy, love and an abundance of faith with GOD, nothing is impossible! My passion shines when encouraging children to pursue their dreams fearlessly and make this world a more marvelous place for everyone.

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