4 Key Roles Your Small Business Needs To Thrive

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Take the hiring process seriously for all roles as you need the right candidates for each job! 

Going at it alone is never the right play when you want to develop a successful small business. The startups that thrive are led by owners who realize that building a good team around them lays the foundations for years of success. It’s all about hiring the right people in the right roles – but who should you be looking for?

Depending on your small business niche, you might need an array of workers to keep things ticking over. Nevertheless, four key roles consistently pop up as the most important: 

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager will handle your marketing campaigns and strategies. Their sole job is to ensure your business is well-promoted and generates as many leads as possible. They can do this alone, as the head of an in-house marketing team, or by liaising with an external marketing partner. 

The third option is a popular one for startups; you hire someone to run your marketing strategy, but then outsource to a marketing agency. It’s the marketing manager’s job to work with this agency and ensure they help you achieve your main goals. Think of them as the main contact point between you and the agency. 

Office Assistant

“Office assistant” is perhaps an unfair title for this role as it’s an all-encompassing one. Every small business needs someone to manage the general admin side of things. This can involve taking calls, scheduling meetings, and so on. 

More importantly, this individual becomes a contact point for customers. In many ways, they serve as a customer service representative as well as an office assistant. Think of them as a jack of all trades; someone who does all the odd jobs to free up time for other employees to focus on their niche areas. 


Small businesses need facilitators to make life easier for everyone else in the business. A facilitator’s main job is to solve problems by developing solutions. They help train employees to develop new skills and identify ways to move the company forward. With facilitator training, you can turn members of your current staff into excellent facilitators who will help the business grow. 

It’s a role that flies under the radar yet holds huge significance for the future success of your business. With a facilitator on your books, everyone continues to grow and enhance their skills while someone is always there to help solve common problems. 

Financial Manager

Lastly, you need someone to manage the financial side of your business. As the owner, your hands are tied handling loads of other things. There must be someone in your business whose sole job is to track transactions and make sense of all your comings and goings. They’ll get you ready to submit tax returns while ensuring you minimize expenses wherever possible. 

You can add more roles to this list, but the four listed here are essential for any small business. They give you all the key people you need to move your company forward and seek out a successful future.

Take the hiring process seriously for all roles as you need the right candidates for each job! 

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