What You Should Expect From Your Employees

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Create a team of people you are really happy with, and who are going to be much more likely to deliver for you in the right ways.

Running a business is a tricky thing to get right. A major part of it is always going to be looking after the people who work for you. And a big part of that is ensuring you are getting what you should from them at all times.

You should be aiming to encourage a positive working atmosphere and a good relationship between yourself and your colleagues, and an important element of that is your employees working in the way you expect.

But because you need to be able to communicate what those expectations are, it’s important that you know them clearly and concisely.

So here are some of the things you should be able to expect from your employees. All of the following should be considered vital in any professional team.

The Right Attitude

Attitude is everything. If your employees have a good attitude to the work, this is going to result in a much higher quality of that work. At the same time, you will find that you appreciate them a lot more, and this improves the relationship between you.

So it’s worth having a think about what kind of attitude you expect from your employees, what you actually consider to be the ‘right’ one, and how you will know when you see it.

This is up to you, but probably you will want your employees to show a certain dedication to the work, a willingness to show up and to learn, and for them to be keen to develop as a team players. If these kinds of things are in evidence in their attitude, it’s going to bode well and be better for everyone in the workplace.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that you can help to foster the right attitude by having a good one yourself.


Perhaps one of the most basic things you would hope for from your employees is for them to be as punctual as possible. Punctuality is important for a number of reasons. First, it demonstrates a care towards the work and a keenness that is indicative of a good attitude, as above. But more to the point, you are paying people for their work, and for their hours, and if they are not being punctual then you are not getting your money’s worth.

Fortunately, it’s a simple enough process to keep on top of this. You need to develop a good attitude – you want people to know you are paying attention to their timekeeping but not in an overbearing way. It helps to simply let the right software do the work, and with this, you’ll find that tracking employee hours becomes a simpler and much less stressful experience.

With that, you’re much more likely to have people who keep a good time, and everyone benefits from that situation.


How people present themselves at work is important, like it or not. It hopefully goes without saying that we are not talking here about appearance, as in someone’s personal physical appearance. What we mean is how they dress, and you’ll be hoping that everyone is dressing in a professional manner that highlights an underlying positive and professional attitude.

To that end, it’s worth having some kind of dress code in writing, so everyone knows what the deal is. That is generally the best approach to take here, and you’ll find that it makes a huge difference to how people dress for work. When everyone has a good, professional presentation, it tends to make for a much stronger team and a more unified one too.


You obviously need and expect your people to work as a team, so this is something else that you should demand of the individuals working for you. As long as they are happy to be team players, this is going to make everything easier for everyone. You should certainly vet people when you hire them to ensure that they are likely to be as much of a team player as possible – but beyond that, make sure that you are encouraging this in the long term too.

With good teamwork, everyone can give more of themselves, and you’ll find it’s a much easier and simpler thing to get the best work out of everyone. So this is something that you should certainly make sure you are doing. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll find that your business has a much bigger chance of success in general.


It’s hugely important that people are honest with one another in the workplace. This helps to foster the best possible relationships and encourages growth as a team, and it means that problems can be identified and fixed much faster and more effectively. So you should make it clear to your employees that you expect them to be honest, and this might need to be written into a code of conduct of some sort too.

You will find that one of the best ways to encourage honesty from people is, to be honest with yourself. If you can do that, you’ll find you start creating that kind of environment in your workplace much more easily, and it’s amazing how much this can help.

Meeting Deadlines

In a much more ordinary and prosaic sense, it’s essential that you can expect your employees to meet the deadlines you set. Without this, you can’t really feel that you can rely on them at all, so it’s important that you try to encourage this.

Usually, all that is required is to make it clear you won’t put up with anything less than deadlines being met every time. If you are going to be a taskmaster about one thing, make it this.

With time, this will create a solid working environment where everyone is doing their level best to get the work done on time – and that’s something you’ll certainly be grateful for as you see what improvements it brings to your business more generally.

Bringing Personality To Work

Most managers would like their employees to bring themselves to work as fully as possible. If your people bring their personality to work, you’ll probably find it makes for a much stronger team and a much nicer place to work for everyone.

Again, as with much of this, you’ll find that bringing your own personality to work is probably all you need to do to encourage others to do the same, so that is certainly something you can think about doing here.

With time, that will mean that your workplace is exactly the kind of workplace people want to be, and it’s amazing what this can do for the company itself.


Finally, you will have hired these people specifically because they showcased, or appeared to have evidence of, a particular talent. So it’s perfectly reasonable that you expect to see this talent from them when they are actually carrying out the work day by day.

This is something that should be happening anyway, but if you find you need to encourage it in them, then doing so is one of the best things you can do as a manager, and is a big part of your job in general.

If you manage that, you’ll find that you have a team of people you are really happy with, and who is going to be much more likely to deliver for you in the right ways.

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